We Are Cardiff – looking for volunteers!

We Are Cardiff is a project that aims to showcase residents of the city and their memories, stories and favourite places.

We Are Cardiff - Patches

We’re looking for volunteers to feature on our website! You provide us with your recollections, anecdotes, likes or dislikes about the city, and we’ll arrange a photoshoot with you at your favourite location to accompany your entry on our blog.

lucas howell

There’s no word limit to your Cardiff story – it can be as short as one paragraph, as long a thousand words, it can be a narrative, it can be in the third person, it can even be a poem. We’ll provide you with a list of questions that you’re free to base your answer on, but they’re more for guidance than a strict rule. We’ll happily link to your blog / website / Twitter.

Wanna get involved? Email us at contact@wearecardiff.co.uk

We’re also interested in referrals of people who might not be online, especially grandmas or grandpas who have lived in Cardiff all their lives. We’re interested in everybody’s Cardiff story, not just the young and digitally able! If you think you know someone who’d be great for our project, please contact us at the address above.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Street scene - wing span

4 thoughts on “We Are Cardiff – looking for volunteers!”

  1. ive been involved in the early jungle scene in cardiff from 94…
    involved with Bay fm in the 90’s, which turned into beats fm, which is now radio cardiff…
    ive been involved in the early house and garage/ uk garage, grime scene..
    im the first person to bring plastician, skream, hijak, headhunter, benga, hatcha and crazy d, oris jay, chef, kutz, beezy, komanazmuk,crazi cousins to cardiff…first person to bring dubstep to cardiff in 2006…
    it might not be much to some, but im from cardiff, so ive tried to set an example…


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