“There’s a great feeling of community here” – Dom

dom kane by ffion matthews

As I grew up, London was the place to be for any aspiring music producer, but as the digital revolution took place, I think location became less of an important factor. Until a few years ago, I was living in London as it made sense being a resident DJ at Ministry Of Sound and Space Ibiza, but I eventually grew tired of the costs of living there along with the local politics of club promoters and record labels. I’m a city-boy through and through, and having been born in Wales, I decided to try out the capital city here. That was three years ago, and I can’t see myself being anywhere else right now. Cardiff allows me to lead a lifestyle I could have only dreamt of in London.

There’s a great feeling of community here for a city of its size. The local council is absolutely fantastic at organising events from international food and drink markets, to sports events on big-screens in the bay. There’s also a huge focus on the arts within Cardiff; I’ve been to more galleries and met more musicians/photographers/designers here than I ever would have imagined. Then there are the venues; from major events at WMC and CIA, to breaking comedians at Glee, or innovative eclectic nights at Cardiff Arts Institute (with Brains on tap, and a Funktion One sound-system to boot!).

I was born in West Wales and spoke fluent Welsh as a child, but as I had English parents and an English accent, the local nationalists decided I was an unwanted English boy, and made this more than clear. This made me rebel as a teenager, and as soon as I was able, I moved to Bristol. I then pretty much resented Wales and anything Welsh for quite a few years, at least until I came to Cardiff. Now? I’m Welsh. I’m a Cardiffian, and bloody proud of it too!

This may sound a bit silly, especially as I hate football, but I saw on Twitter last summer that Cardiff football club were playing an important game the following day and Cardiff council were thinking of setting up a big-screen-TV in the bay. The following day I heard that they went ahead with it, and as the weather was stunning I thought I’d go down and take a look. What I found, was an incredibly organised event with thousands of people watching a giant TV screen on the back of a lorry, along with stewards, full security, refreshments, police, mobile food bars, the works! You wouldn’t find this type of event with such professionalism and organisation in many other cities around the world, especially with such short notice.

I love the area I live in, with lake views and a local tavern, but only a five minute walk into the city centre and a 10 minute walk to the bay. I really couldn’t ask for any more. I’ve always said that Cardiff comes without the pretentiousness of most other capital cities; I can go to any bar/restaurant/venue here, and I’m always made to feel comfortable. Cardiff isn’t the place to be seen, it’s just the place to be!

Dom Kane started DJing in 1992 when free-parties were rife, discovering the love of performing to a 2000-strong crowd, by 1995 he was performing with residencies around the Southwest, and guest slots in Ibiza during the summer of 1998. By 2004, Dom began his monthly residency with Proton Radio, and then in 2006 he launched Xeton Records. Visit his website here. Dom currently lives in Cardiff Bay.

Dom was photographed at Bute East Dock by Ffion Matthews

dom kane by ffion matthews


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