“Cardiff, it has been the most wonderful dream” – Sarah


When I first came to Cardiff on a University open day in 2007, rain soaked and fearful, I never expected that this would be the place that I would make my home. At the time I thought that Cardiff was just a place to study, and that after my undergraduate degree, I would move back to my real ‘home’.

And yet, four years later, I have fallen head over heels with Cardiff, and it is a love affair that looks set to continue as I have just accepted an offer of a postgraduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism right here in this beautiful city.

You see, after four wonderful years, Cardiff has become my true home. That may sound cliché, but it’s absolutely true.

In this city I have lived my life, and become an adult. I have gained my independence, experienced freedom for the first time, and learned how to cook.

In this city I have loved. I have held hands under the neon glare of Winter Wonderland, shared whispered dreams for the future and danced in the arms of lovers.

In this city I have explored. I have wandered through kitsch, rambling arcades, sought bargains and eaten strange foods in new restaurants. I have lost myself in the winding terraced streets of Cathays, and I have rowed on Roath Lake.

In this city I have laughed. I have made great friends, shared experiences and cried over good-byes. I have lounged in Bute Park, celebrated birthdays and said met some wonderful strangers.

In this city I have been inspired. I have marvelled at the beautiful University buildings, and stared in awe at the war memorial. I have been a journalist and I have let this city sculpt the experiences that I write about.

I have worked, played and learnt so much more about the kind of life that I want to have. And I have been very lucky to do all of that right here.

Cardiff, it has been the most wonderful dream. Thank you.

Sarah Powell graduated from Cardiff University in 2010, and has since spent a year working as Head of Student Media and gair rhydd Editor at Cardiff University Students’ Union. She is due to spend next year studying Broadcast Journalism, and generally contemplating whether life will exist without gair rhydd. She currently lives in Cathays, where she spends a lot of time drinking tea and trying to write. You can find her on twitter @sarah_powell.

Sarah was photographed in the gair rhydd offices in Cardiff University’s Student Union by Adam Chard


5 thoughts on ““Cardiff, it has been the most wonderful dream” – Sarah”

  1. Cardiff is as lucky to have Sarah Powell, as she is lucky to have Cardiff. I’ve known Sarah since sharing a desk with her in year 10 biology. You know the boys who rather entertain the pretty girls than learn in depth the ever branching processes of Photosynthesis, yeh, that was me. Always a great student and its great to see her hard work paying off. An inspiring conclusive article of her University experiences.

    It’s great to see this, evidently some well deserved recognition throughout University, for an always committed and high flying girl.

    Best of luck for the future.

    Tom Ward (friend and guy who passed biology g.c.s.e.with Sarah’s help)


  2. I love the way you have described your CARDIFF EXPERIENCE. Having been born here, grown up, moved away and again returned, your description resonate for me. I am you newest Cardiff follower – keep up the good work.


  3. hi sarah, thank you for your beautiful piece of work, I echo your Cardiff experience. Though no longer living in Cardiff and I’m now back in Malaysia but nonetheless Cardiff always holds a special place in my heart.

    A city I had lived, laughed, and loved.

    Thank you!


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