We Are Cardiff – a sexy statistical birthday update

I don’t like to spend too much of my time harping on about statistics. Really! However, in the case of the We Are Cardiff site, they’ve proven to be fairly amusing. And in the interests of a fully comprehensive first-year round up, I’m going to share some with you. Read on!

The basics:

The We Are Cardiff blog has had 24,851 views (to the second I’m writing this, which is undoubtedly already out of date) since it launched about a year ago.

There were 431 views on our busiest day, Friday 27 May 2011 (which was the day we published Bethan Elfyn’s story and also the day we inherited the Guardian Cardiff twitter feed).


People have found the We Are Cardiff site by searching the following terms.

They range from the expected sort of thing…

–      how the british look upon a person from cardiff

–      pubs on swansea road hirwaun aberdare

–      random noise in splott

–      whats its like to live in splott

–      dr who’s telephone box

–      is cardiff going to have a bad winter?

–      where does cardiff bay remind you off

–      what is splott like?

–      im proud of my city

–      llandaff good place to live?


to the more bizarre inquiry…

–      pink ballet net sitting down

–      what is the hooting noise coming from my chimney?

–      look at you now floyd

–      and i in english

–      safer cardiff locksmiths funding crisis

–      wenvoe postman

–      how do you pronounce tempus fugit

–      dzin teenage girls clothing to the skin as a avatar

–      maschine can you use it with turntables

–      what does we at your neck like a violin mean

–      fat violin player



Some people obviously think We Are Cardiff is some sort of online sex shop/dating service/interactive online map of crack dens:

–      mixed race girls splott

–      crack den cardiff

–      impregnating my mother

–      story stiff corset dependent boy

–      busty grandmothers with big boobs

–      squash players do it against the wall t shirt

–      bad girls in cardiff

–      busty amateur shirt

–      what not to tell hr

–      big tits cardiff area

–      gossip girl cardiff wordpress

–      tits in cardiff

–      huge tits in blue t shirt

–      craigslist cardiff ely sex


Some poor souls end up on the site looking for something spiritual that, you suspect, the internet can never offer:

–      lost but never alone

–      no dancing no huggin

–      this cold gotten into my bones

–      the cold feeling that you experience after leaving a swimming pool on a hot, dry, summer day

–      museum of broken relationships



And finally, and my personal favourite, the one that speaks to the very essence of what we’re trying to do with the project:

–      what’s it like to live cardiff like?


Helia Phoenix is a digital mystic who spends her days searching through statistics for the meaning of life. Follow her on Twitter or check her Tumblr.

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