Roath Stories at Made In Roath Festival, 2012

We Are Cardiff: Open House mixed media exhibition at Made In Roath Festival
Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October, 11am – 4pm
13 Boverton Street, Roath, Cardiff

We Are Cardiff (Best Blog in Wales 2012!) is a community project that invites residents of the city to tell their stories of living in the city. This year at Made in Roath, We Are Cardiff will present an exhibition of Roath stories and portrait photography in the intimate setting of a family home! Come by and meet the characters who make up this vibrant part of the capital of Wales.

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designed by Adam Chard

Made In Roath 2012

Download the Made In Roath 2012 brochure

2 thoughts on “Roath Stories at Made In Roath Festival, 2012”

  1. Kelly Bossano has got to be one of Cardiffs best kept secrets.
    She moved to London to pursue music in her early twenties only to return back to her roots in Cardiff where she felt more at home.
    Kelly hooked up with Cardiff songwriter/guitarist Laurence Semmens and they soon started developing her songwriting skills.

    Once you hear the voice of Kelly Bossano you will be drawn in and amazed at the pure soulful quality that she gives out.
    Nick Walker of CF5 on first hearing her voice decided that he wanted to be a part of the Kelly Bossano experience and has helped to assemble a band that he thinks will compliment her style and together are currently working together on material for her debut LP which is due for completion early 2013.

    Kelly studied art in her teens and is very excited about exhibiting some of her work for the Made In Roath Arts festival as well as performing with her band on Friday 19th October
    Her art is fantasy/sureal and is done mainly with pen and markers.


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