“Men, women and children – all aboard the Premier Ship” – Dan


The Ship of Dreams

Men, women and children,
All aboard the Premier Ship.
Made with Malaysian gold,
And souls sold.

We’re the kings of the world.

They call it the ship of dreams,
The hottest ticket in town.
First class to be seen,
Third class where they’ve always been.

Even God himself can’t sink this ship.

In the engine room the coals burn red,
The Bluebird’s wings clipped by ambition.
But lips are bitten and hope is high,
That for this crew the limit’s the sky.

Watch out for the iceberg.

Because when the bottom falls out of the boat,
The gold corrodes.
Empty seats float along the waves,
And the feeling is blue because more could have been saved.

Women and children first.

Even if she’s underwater for a hundred years long,
My heart will always go on.


Dan Tyte is an Executive Director at PR agency Working Word. He’s interviewed rock stars, ghost-written Guardian features, had a Western Mail column where he wrote on anything from stag-dos to the mayoral system of Reykjavik and contributed to a Lord Sugar-approved Amazon No#1 best-selling book on social media. His debut novel Half Plus Seven, comes out on Parthian Books in spring 2014. He’s on Twitter @dantyte and currently lives in Canton. 

He was originally featured on We Are Cardiff in December 2010 – read Dan’s original We Are Cardiff entry

Dan was photographed at Cardiff City Stadium in Leckwith by Doug Nicholls


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