Cardiff council’s proposed arts and culture budget cuts

New Theatre by Tom Beardshaw

New Theatre Cardiff under threat from council budget cuts… photo by Tom Beardshaw

We don’t often post things like this, but as our local rag the Western Mail reports, Cardiff council budget cuts are threatening a number of the city’s cultural venues. We don’t have that many! We need to keep the ones we have! The New Theatre and St David’s Hall are under threat, and a number of Cardiff-based arts organisations also face grant cuts.

Read more details about the proposed cuts on the Western Mail’s website here: Cardiff cultural venues under threat as subsidies set to be slashed

Cardiff Council are currently running a public consultation on the proposed cuts – not just to arts but to a whole load of different services. The consultation runs until Friday 13 February 2014, and the opinions gathered will be fed into the proposed new budget – due to be discussed by the cabinet on February 20 and debated at full council on February 27. Access the survey about the proposed arts and culture cuts here

There’s also a petition that’s been set up to stop the proposed sale of St David’s Hall and the New Theatre … go here to access that petition: – Stop the proposed sale of St David’s Hall and New Theatre


What do you think about the budget cuts proposed? Make sure you take part in the consultation above, and leave your comments below.

8 thoughts on “Cardiff council’s proposed arts and culture budget cuts”

  1. ack what a shame. new theatre – beautiful building! of course some of the budget cuts must come from somewhere … as usual arts and culture suffer.


  2. just filled my responses to the council’s budget cuts survey. but it’s so hard to understand – what on earth is ‘non statutory school transport’?? how am I supposed to know how to answer questions like that??


  3. Also worth mentioning the cuts to Cardiff events meaning the end of the big weekend, the sale of winter wonderland and the cancellation of other cultural events due to lack of funding. To be honest, not enough people in Cardiff have or will kick up a fuss.


  4. I know things are tight but if we start to shut down these types of places where will it end? Once these sort of places are gone we will never get them replaced , its part of our heritage going. I urge everyone to sign the petition and kick up a fuss


  5. One as to ask Why cuts to anything are needed

    Then one can play the blame political game

    As far as I can see sudden panic over the elimination of all culture in Cardiff, seems to be co-opted by a political faction.

    Lets face it a lot tax payers money as well as borrowed money as been spent on culture, that is cultural Marxism, so what are complaining about they cant have their ‘culture’ and eat it.


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