We Are Cardiff – neighbourhood survey 2014!

A little while back, friend of the blog Neil Cocker was looking at a new place to live in Cardiff, so asked for people to tell him about their local areas. He created a Cardiff Happiness Map from it!

We always have people on this blog, telling us all about Cardiff as a whole, but mostly about the individual parts of the city where they live. What makes them great, that sort of thing, but getting into the real detail of the thing is quite an ambiguous undertaking. So we’ve created the We Are Cardiff Neighbourhood Survey 2014!

Please take a few minutes to fill in the form below (if you’d like a direct link to the survey, click here: We Are Cardiff Neighbourhood Survey 2014), and please send it to ALL YOUR FRIENDS / CO-WORKERS / FAMILY here in Cardiff. We want as many responses from as many parts of the city as possible!

All responses are completely anonymised – there’s an option to leave an email address at the end if you want to be updated when we do something with the survey results, but you don’t have to do that. This info is purely for use here on the blog – for us to determine which really is the best neighbourhood in Cardiff, and why!

Annnnd….. go!

For info, this is what Neil Cocker’s Cardiff Happiness Map looked like a couple of months back. If you want to add in your own location and how much you like it, you can do that on his website here: Neil Cocker Happiness Map

Neil Cocker's Happiness Map