100 days in Cardiff – Radio Cardiff – my second home

We Are Cardiff contributor Jeremy Rees is recording his days in and around Cardiff with 100 photographs of local points of interest. We’ll be publishing some of them here on We Are Cardiff – and make sure you tune in to Jeremy as he presents the Saturday Soulful Breakfast on Radio Cardiff!

Radio Cardiff Рmy second home 

radio cardiff by jeremy rees

“This is the view from behind the desk in Studio 1 at Radio Cardiff. It’s a view I’m very familiar with having been sat behind it on a regular basis since 2007, though to be honest there are still many buttons and switches there I’ve not got a clue about. It’s from here that I get to share my passion for soul and blues music every Saturday morning and Wednesday night. Radio Cardiff is a remarkable place. Completely run by volunteers (over 100 I think) it brings together people of all ages who give of their time to provide the city with not only a very distinctive blend of music, but local information, news & features. Radio gets under the skin of some people, and I am one. We are very lucky to have such an open and receptive form of community radio in Cardiff, and it’s something I try not to take for granted. So ‘Big Up’ to all who make it so, and especially to handful of people who started it the first place and who have given so much of their time and energy over the years to keep in going in good times and bad.”¬†


Thanks Jeremy! And make sure you all tune into Radio Cardiff, online or 98.7FM. Catch you next time…