100 days in Cardiff – Wall Carving on the Pierhead Building

We Are Cardiff contributor Jeremy Rees is recording his days in and around Cardiff with 100 photographs of local points of interest. We’ll be publishing some of them here on We Are Cardiff – and make sure you tune in to Jeremy as he presents the Saturday Soulful Breakfast on Radio Cardiff!

Wall Carving on the Pierhead Building

Wall Carving on The Pierhead Building

“Today’s picture is of a wall relief on one of Cardiff’s most recognisable buildings – The Pierhead. Once the control centre of the busiest docks in the world, it now stands as a memorial to the past and houses a permanent exhibition with lectures and conferences taking place in the Grand Hall that once bustled with international trade. Centrepiece of the relief is a steam engine to represent the constant flow of coal carrying trains into the docks from the valleys. The Bay today is pretty much unrecognisable from its industrial heyday, but the Pierhead Building remains, having seen it all.”


Thanks Jeremy! Catch you next time…