Two more weeks in Cardiff – photography by Tom Beardshaw

Friend of the blog Tom Beardshaw has been manning our Instagram lens for the past two weeks – have a look at what he’s been up to throughout our city… and welcome new photographer for July!

Some more about Tom: he’s been a Cardiffian since 1996, when he arrived for a quick visit to a protest squat in Canton (anyone remember Yr Enfys?) and the van he was living in at the time broke down. Since being here, he’s work to strengthen children’s relationships with their fathers (he got Paternity Leave introduced into UK law in 2002 and founded and more recently, he started the social media company NativeHQ, helping organisations like the National Assembly, National Theatre Wales and Arts Council Wales use social technologies effectively. Tom’s based in Roath with his teenage son, Cole, who lives with him for half the week and you’ll find him on Twitter here → @tombeardshaw and on Instagram here → @t0m5k.

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So that was all from Tom – and now I’d like to welcome Alex Feeney to take control of our photographs for the next month! Here’s a little intro from Alex…


Hello, I’m Alex. I live in Canton/Llandaff, depending on how posh I’m feeling, and I’m taking over the We Are Cardiff Instagram for the next month.

I’m a Cardiff migrant having moved here twice, despite not wanting to move here at all the first time round. Currently learning Welsh, badly.

By day I try to encourage people to get involved in the democratic process by having their say about the laws and policies which affect their everyday lives. By night I sleep.

Let’s be honest, there’s been a lot of Roath around here of late, which is lovely. There are very many lovely things to like about Roath.

But the ‘Diff is a bit bigger than that, so I’ll be (trying) to show some other stuff from my travels around the City. Either that or, when I get lazy, I’ll be regramming from my own feed over @ajfeen.

I like sleep but I don’t get any. Music, as long as it was released between 1982 and 1997. Sport, as long as I don’t have to pay to watch it. And social media, as long as you’re not expecting me to be all social about it. Hate being social.

I also hate the overuse of exclamation marks! I mean, what is that about?!!!!

Look forward to showing you my Cardiff for the next few weeks.

Al x
And remember, if you’d like to take control of the We Are Cardiff Instagram for a month, then give us a shout on You don’t need to be a professional photographer, just someone with a camera-phone and a healthy enjoyment of exploring your local area!

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