WATCH: Cardiff, a stroll through Tiger Bay

Gotta love these old films!

Published by Cardiffians on YouTube: ‘Author of the Tiger Bay Story and The Cardiff Bay Experience, Neil Sinclair brings to the screen his very popular seafront history walk. Now in the pleasure of your easy chair you can venture down the old Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian streets of Tiger Bay and The Docks as they were.

‘Hear also interesting anecdotes of the larger than life characters who once walked those no longer existent streets and see how Cardiff, a mere village with less than 2,000 dwellers, grew into the city we recognise today.

‘Neil, who also does lectures, presentations, exhibitions and bus tours for the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation, is a well known personality in the Bay where he still lives. In collaboration with Director Fran Boyer of Moaning Minnie Productions and underscored with original music composed by local musician and artist John Lenney, Neil has produced a most exciting and interesting video.

‘Contrasting wonderful views of Cardiff’s newly transformed seafront with historical film footage and archive photographs, this video revives the historic beginnings of Cardiff’s turn of the century rise from obscurity, inspired by the foresight and auspices of the Second Marquis of Bute, to become the world’s most famous seaport.’

Cardiff docks, image from
Cardiff docks, image from