“Chip shop chicken curry flavour…” – Emma

This week we have a chat with a Cardiffian who has made it through to the final of a competition to name a new Walker’s crisp flavour… how do you feel about chip shop chicken curry, eh? 

Walkers Do Us A Flavour finalist Emma G with her flavour Chip Sh


Q. Tell us about yourself

Emma. I was born in Cardiff in Heath Hospital, and I grew up mainly in Penylan until I was about seven and went to Marlborough Primary School. We had a lane behind our house which backed onto a lot of other kids houses so it was a fun time as there used to be a lot of other people to play with. I remember my dad teaching me to ride my bike down there which usually resulted in me falling off and being covered in cuts. I can ride a bike now though, just about.
We then moved to near Roath Park and I went to Cardiff High School. I probably wasn’t the best student but I loved high school.

My parents still live in this house and I’ve recently moved back in with them after about eight years. It’s quite odd trying to adjust to that but actually having food in the cupboards is a nice change.

My mum grew up in Cardiff with her brother and they both still live here, not far from each other. My dad’s father (my grandad) was a paratrooper so my dad moved around a lot when he was little to different army bases. I think he went to 11 different primary schools. He eventually went to live with his grandparents (I think he was about 10 or 11) on a farm just outside of Brecon until he went to Uni in Cardiff. Him and my mum met when they were working in a childrens home in Cardiff. I have one brother, David who also lives in Cardiff apart from the weekends when he stays with his girlfriend Becky in Newport.

Q. What do you think is the best thing about Cardiff?

Emma. Cardiff is like a big extended family. Everyone knows each other and you can’t really go too far from your door without bumping into someone. It’s also a nice size for a city, everything is pretty close and accessible… I would say within walking distance but I’m not big on walking anywhere.

Q. What are your current hobbies?

Emma. I’ve recently started doing pilates with one of my friends which is pretty relaxing, you can definitely feel it working your core though. And I really want to take up climbing once my dissertation is out the way. My dissertation is actually on climbing and has kinda inspired me. At the moment my dissertation has taken over my life, although I try and make time to see my friends. I can’t stay staring at a computer for too long.

Q. What’s your favourite Cardiff pub?

Emma. Hmmm that’s a tricky one. The three archers is my local and since moving back home I’ve been going there a lot more. It’s a really nice pub and the staff are really friendly. Other than that I probably go to the Claude the most, I worked there a very long time ago and I love the atmosphere and the interesting people who always have a story to tell. I was actually in there last night playing pool, I think I won once by default.

Q. Best place for a Cardiff breakfast?

Emma. It used to be Calcio’s on Crwys Road but I think that’s been gone a long time now. Cafe 37’s breakfast is definitely it’s replacement. The breakfast in there is awesome and good value. Also Salad Bar on Clifton Street does some really good breakfast baguettes.

Q. If you had friends visiting Cardiff for the weekend, where would you take them?

Emma. Definitely Roath Park, the fact you can be in the middle of a city and go and sit on a boat on the lake feeding the ducks is a pretty awesome thing, although I’m pretty scared of the swans. I took my friends daughter there not long ago to feed the birds and I ended up picking her up and running to safety. I don’t even think she was scared (she’s three).

The Vaults on Bute Street is probably another place. I love the idea of a club in a bank vault and I think everyone should experience it. They usually have some pretty good nights ran by Catapult Presents and Cellar Door each month

Q. Now, to the Walker’s competition – how did you end up entering?

Emma. I saw it advertised and thought I’d give it a bash. I entered last time they ran the competition so I thought why not enter again? I don’t think anyone really thinks about winning when they enter competitions. I’m still in shock from when I got the call. I’m not sure it will ever completely sink in.

Q. How hopeful are you of winning? And what will you do if you win?

Emma. Well it would be lovely to win but I don’t want to get carried away. I think there’s some really good ideas and all of the contestants are really lovely so I would be happy for whoever won. I think people have been quite shocked how well we all get on with each other. I need a new car as mine sounds like it’s going to explode and I would like to do something for my friends … I think a night out somewhere is in order… They have been campaigning for me so I think it’s the least I can do. Other than that I’m not really too sure right now. I’m trying not to think about it too much. The concept is pretty surreal to be honest.


Emma Garnett is a student at the University of South Wales. She currently lives in Roath. You can follow her on twitter @chikeree or via her Facebook page; ‘chip shop chicken curry for the win

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