The Humans of Cardiff!

humans of cardiff

Inspired by the Humans of New York project, a couple of months back Wales Online started their own photography project with snaps of people on the streets of the city of Cardiff. They’ve posted some lovely pictures with nice snippets of stories from people around the city.

You can see the full project on Facebook, but here are a couple of my favourites from the site so far. Click the images to go through to the site:

“When I grow up, I want to be a ballerina”


“My mate a caught a big bass half hour ago, but he won’t be in a photo. I’ll show you.”

“I am exactly where I wanted to be five years ago.”

“I’m a seaman. I’ve been here 53 years. The most frightened I got was in a hurricane, or a gale, at sea y’know?”

“I work in a bar in town. Last year we had a very, very drunk old man try to come in carrying a plastic bag with a fish inside. The bouncer said he couldn’t come in as he was too drunk – and he had a fish. The man stormed off and left the fish with the bouncer. We kept him in a bowl we used to keep the tea bags in and named him Owain. He doesn’t get out much, bless him.”

“Statues don’t speak.”


“People should be more open minded, we should judge on personalities.”

“The best thing we’ve done? Jumping 20 feet into a river. No, that’s not the best thing, I got earache!”
“We’re going coasteering next week.”
“We are adrenalin junkies!”

“I’ve lived here for two years so I’m going on a walking tour to learn about the city.
“Having the time to learn makes me happy… and good coffee.”


The Humans of Cardiff website 

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