DimSŵn! Line-up announced for Saturday 18 October 2014

This year there will be no four-day Sŵn Festival. Boo, right?

But fear not, there’s still a one day multi-venue event across seven Cardiff venues on Saturday 18th October, DimSŵn. The first 40 bands have been announced with more to come in the next fortnight.

dimswn 2014

Much like Sŵn, you can buy a ticket to DimSŵn to exchange on the day for a wristband, which will then grant you entry (subject to capacity) to all of the shows happening at the event. Live music will start just after you’ve had your lunch and run until around midnight, and there’ll be a host of club nights where you can then carry on dancing until you finally choose to sleep or just pass out on Womanby Street until Wetherspoons opens and you can start drinking again.

Tickets for DimSŵn are on sale now. As it’s a much smaller event than the usual Sŵn Festival offering then please be aware that tickets are capped at just 500 sales.

DimSŵn is also open to those aged 14 and over, which a special underage wristband.

Tickets are £24 for adults, £12 for those 14-17. TICKETS
If you want to check out the line-up, go here: LINE-UP

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