Six reasons why Cardiff is the best city in the UK

‘One! She prefers the night to day….’ – anyone remember that song? I always thought the first line was ‘she prefers the night to die’, but actually looking up the lyrics, it makes a lot more sense…*

Anyway, I digress, massively, just for a change …

THIS WEEK we stepped up to bat off other British cities claiming to be the best in the UK. Helia put together SIX REASONS WHY CARDIFF IS THE BEST CITY IN THE UK for THE METRO! And yes, they’re owned by DMG who also publish the Daily Fail, but you’ve got to take these chances to mouth off while you can, right?

Metro screen shot 2014

My six reasons:
1 – location
2 – (our small) size is everything
3 – arts and culture
4 – the low cost of living
5 – sportz
6 – we’re a capital city!

Go read the article here: Six reasons why Cardiff is the best city in the UK

Do you agree with me? Disagree? What else should I have included, eh?? Let me know in the comments below.

I have to give big thanks to everyone who responded to a post on Facebook when I asked what you guys thought should go in the list – also to the ever reliable source of awesomeness, Neil Cocker, for sharing his notes about Cardiff from a talk he gave at Bloomberg in London recently.



* are you wondering what I’m on about? If you were alive / conscious during the Britpop era, then maybe you’ll remember these guys and this song.

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