This is for the runners…

Yesterday I came across this short film about runners in Victoria Park in London. I’ve got friends who live around the corner, and I’ve run around that park myself – the film is a lovely little foray into the reasons that people run, and the honest answers that spring from people while they’re doing that kind of activity.

What’s this got to do with Cardiff? Not much, admittedly, but it reminded me that we’ve got a rather nice little interview with Lisa (a runner) in our documentary about Cardiff.

Also it’s a good chance to remind any of you folk who’ve been thinking about getting into running to dust off your trainers and get into one of the many Cardiff parks that we’re lucky enough to have here …

Or, if you’re feeling like you want to be sociable with your running, why not try out the Cardiff park run? It’s a free, timed 5K event that’s held every Saturday morning at 9am in Bute Park. It starts alongside Tesco Extra (Western Ave), on the Taff Trail there (if in doubt, look for the hundreds of runners you’ll see when parking up in the car park there!)

(Cardiff park run – photo by Amanda Thompson)

More information about Cardiff park run here: Cardiff park run Facebook group

Now get your running daps on and get out there!



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