Empty Walls Festival 2014 – an update

Photographer David Allen heads back out onto the streets of Cardiff to get the latest murals and other art attacks that have hit our city in the Empty Walls Festival 2014.

Read his first post about the festival here: Empty Walls Festival 2014 the murals so far


dale grimshaw 1 dale grimshaw2 dale grimshaw 3 dale grimshaw 4




David de la Mano 1 David de la Mano 2 david de la mano 3 David de la mano 4 david de la mano 5




Ekstraternek 1 Ekstraternek 2 Ekstraternek 5 Ekstraternek 4 Ekstraternek 3



Hyuro 1 hyuro 4 Hyuro 3 Hyuro 2




Run 1 run 2 run 4 run 3 run 5




Helen smith 1 helen smith 4 helen smith 3 helen smith 2



Looking good, Empty Walls!

Visit David Allen’s blog or catch him on Twitter @Dai_PhotoJ_USW
Empty Walls Project website


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