The Urbanistas launch in Cardiff! Meet-up #1 TONIGHT Weds 12 November 2014

A pretty exciting event is taking place in Cardiff tomorrow night – the launch of the Cardiff chapter of the Urbanistas, a women-led network empowering collaborative people to act and do “urban” in more social ways. Read on for info of their first Cardiff meeting, this Wednesday evening…



Who are the Urbanistas?

We are a fast-growing network of disruptive and collaborative women across the UK and Australia, who all share a passion for cities and believe in making everyday life in them better for everyone.

Now we are in Cardiff!

We launched at the end of September and will be having our first Expo Meet at 5.30pm on Wednesday 12 November in the gorgeous surroundings of Gallery Ten (big thanks to Cat Gardiner).

If you want to find out more about Urbanistas, check this out.

If you are interested in meeting like-minded women, sharing and hearing about ideas that help make cities thrive, want help with a project or idea, or are simply curious – please come along to our very first Urbanistas Cardiff meet up!

So how does it work….? 

You bring or “exhibit” your idea/project and invite participation from your fellow Urbanistas. What we need to know is what you are looking for to take things forward. It is important that you have an “ask”.

If an Urbanista can and wants to help, she will offer you her help and it’s up to you to take her up on that offer to collaborate/co-create the outcomes.

You then go and “think” and “do” together to get the project or idea off the ground outside the meet. What we’d like is for you to update us at the next Urbanistas meet to see how it’s going and what needs to happen next.


  • Light-bulb moment about an idea or project
  • Tell us you are bringing it to the next meet
  • 5-10mins to talk us through what it is, why you want to do it, what you need
  • You ask for help, support and/or collaboration
  • Urbanistas ask questions and pledge help – only pledge if you are willing and able to give it
  • Help can be anything from a contact, idea, resource, something to read or watch, time etc.,.
  • You go and do your thing together
  • Next meet you bring an update and say what needs to happen next and if you need more help
  • Tell us what we can do to promote and communicate about it

We have had three exciting projects submitted – one is a web app to promote tourism in Wales; one is an idea for a non-profit literary press similar to the New York-based Tiny Hardcore Press and one is to use crowd funding to install a blue plaque to commemorate Lady Rhondda, who was an equality activist in her day. 

Urbanistas Expo Meets tend to follow this format but it is very open and flexible to your needs:

1. Welcome & Introductions

2. News and Update from Basecamp

3. Feedback from Ideas and Projects

4. Expo

If you can’t come but would like to be kept informed of the next event, please sign up to the mailing list. If you have any other contacts in your network who you think this would appeal to, please forward the details.

For more information on Urbanistas please follow us on twitter @UrbanistasCDF and @UrbanistasUK and visit our website

The Urbanistas event is organised in Cardiff by the Satori Lab: they help government and third sector organisations give a better deal to the citizen by helping them with a shift in culture from traditional and hierarchical to adopting radical new models for service design, culture change, and public sector innovation.


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