Happy in my skin!

I was going to title this post ‘Happy in my skin – calendars of beautiful naked women make a great Christmas gift’ but I thought that might sound like the site had been hacked, so I just went with Happy in my skin instead.

What am I on about? Good question.

A couple of months ago, I received an email from a friend asking if I fancied going skinny dipping somewhere off the coast near Cardiff, as part of an art project. I’m a big fan of being naked in the sea, but I was busy that weekend. I joined the Facebook group anyway – a group called Happy in my Skin, which set out to do the following things. Here’s some info about them, the event they held, and where you can buy the calendar with the gorgeous photos that were taken of the day!


Happy in my skin is an all-female skinny dip raises awareness around body image and confidence.

Two Welsh (Cardiff)-based artists are out to change how women perceive their bodies – by featuring a mass skinny-dip on a calendar

They say they want women to answer the question: Am I happy in my skin?

And if the answer is “No”, they want to know why not, and what can be done to change that.

happy in my skin

Hazel Anderson and Leah Crossly invited women to an all-female skinny dip – and now are creating a calendar using images from the event. They say that Happy In My Skin is a creative investigation in to what it takes to be happy in the body that women have. Over one weekend they invited women to take part in an all female skinny dip, one in Brighton and one in South Wales. 60 women took on the challenge.

Leah, a visual artist and photographer, says: “We want to show women of all shapes and sizes, fully expressed and celebrating being in their body. We imagined it was possible that if we got enough women together and we all stripped naked, both physically and metaphorically we might change something in the way that woman perceived herself.”

Hazel said: “Women aged from 18 to 69 stripped off and ran in to the sea. It was a beautiful sight. We didn’t really imagine what a transformative experience it would be for some people who took part.”

Hazel’s Mum Jean took part, after surviving breast cancer and getting the all clear earlier this year. She was doing it to support her daughter and was surprised at how much fun she actually had. Afterwards she said, “It was exhilarating and liberating to be so free!’

Ellen Groves took part and said: “As I walked down to the beach my legs were like jelly, I felt as though I was walking towards an actual nightmare. When I was safe under the cover of the waves, I turned to look at the women wading in behind me. It was the most beautiful and inspiring thing I have ever seen. Every inch of every body was beautiful. I had to accept that I was not the exception, that we were all beautiful. I have never felt as free as I did marching back out of that sea.

And Suzi Dorey added: “After the first bit of sheer terror, dropping the towel and heading into the water, something clicked in my mind. It felt exciting and exhilarating. I was charting new territory, and I felt the power of the group of amazing supportive ladies and I felt POWERFUL. Not vulnerable at all.”

The organisers say: “We can make a difference. We can change how we relate to our bodies and be a part in changing how someone else relates to theirs.

“There are unrealistic, unattainable ideals of female beauty in the media every day. Where are the healthy, fit, curvy, dimpled, wobbly pictures of normal, happy women? Why is that such a terrible thing to aspire to? We are alive and that is beautiful. Let’s start celebrating that.”

There’s a lovely video about Happy in my Skin on the Kickstarter page – where you can order yourself a lovely calendar! The photos are absolutely magical. Get a move on though – not many hours left on the Kickstarter! Happy in my Skin Kickstarter

Hazel And Leah are planning a UK tour of all the images from the day. They will be doing the event again next year, so if you feel brave enough, join the Happy in my Skin Facebook group, where the discussion is carrying on!


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