Get your folk on for future generations!

Folk for future generationsA group of musicians will be holding a gig on Friday 5 December at Koko Gorillaz in Cathays asking for a strong sustainable development law for Wales in the shape of the Well-Being of Future Generations Bill.

Folk for Future Generations will feature a number of local folk acts and is being held to support the Sustainable Development Alliance’s campaign for a stronger bill. The Alliance is a group of nearly 30 Welsh charities and NGOs.

The night will be a call to action by concerned members of the public who want to tell the Welsh Government that they want Wales to be a truly sustainable nation and want a law that addresses issues such as international impacts, living within environmental limits, and setting legally binding carbon reduction targets.

Event organiser, Gareth Sims, said:

“It will be a great night with some very talented musicians playing. We would like to invite as many people as possible to attend and be a part of the campaign to make Wales a truly sustainable nation that prioritises the well-being of people, communities and the environment. 

The people of Wales are becoming increasingly concerned about these issues and want the Government to take urgent and robust action.”

The musicians playing are Harri Davies and band, Aled Rheon, Kirk Morgan and the Dock Town Pearls, and Art Bandini.  Local artists and photographers will also be displaying environmentally themed pieces of work.  The night will start at 7pm at Koko Gorillaz, Miskin Street, Cathays. Tickets are £4 in advance. 

For more information contact Gareth Sims on

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