The best Welsh songs of 2014 – the Cardiff version

Dave Owens is my favourite Wales Online writer, because he covers music and arts and all the fun local stuff. Back in December he wrote an article about the 51 best Welsh songs of 2014, and it’s taken me this long to get through it!

There’s some great Cardiff talent in the list. Check out the following:

Kutosis: Crystal Beach (listen)


Cardiff’s favourite pot-punk trio give it large! More about Kutosis here – you can get their last album and other merch on the Kutosis Bandcamp page


Manic Street Preachers – Futurology (R Seiliog remix) (listen)

Manic Street Preachers

It’s heavy! R Seiliog is playing in Clwb on Thursday 29 Jan, with Trust Fund and Los Campesinos! Catch him live there! If you want to catch the Manics live in Cardiff though, you’re too late – all tickets for their epic castle gig be SOLD OUT!


Gulp – I want to dance (listen)


Obviously we’d have a Super Furry Animal in here somewhere, right? Guto kicks out the jams with his expansive upbeat electronica. Gulp Facebook


Houdini Dax – Get Your Goo On (listen)

Houdini Dax

If you can catch these guys live, do. They’ll whip you up into a proper frenzy! They’re playing Clwb on 28 Feb (Facebook event)


Fireproof Giant – A Place to Start (listen)

fireproof giant

Gotta include these guys, because they’re amazing and because the lovely Gareth made all the spooky music for the ghost-hunting podcast I did back in October! Fireproof Giant Facebook

Listen again: We Are Haunted – a guide to the spirit city


Slowly Rolling Camera – Into the Shadow (listen)

Slowly Rolling Camera by Claire Cousin

Last on our list (but definitely not least!) is Slowly Rolling Camera – this cool yet epic jazz group have brought the sound back in a new and fresh way. They’re amazing! They’ve got no dates lined up for the time being, but keep an eye on their Facebook for when you can see them next: Slowly Rolling Camera Facebook


Honorable mention…

Samoans – I Am Your Density (listen)

They didn’t make it into Dave’s list, but I’m a big fan of Samoans. Their last album Rescue came out last year, and this is m favourite track from it. Find out when they’re next playing live on the Samoans Facebook page.



For some light listening, here’s the full playlist:

Check out Dave’s A Sound Reaction Facebook page (where he posts all his stuff).

Also see the original story on Wales Online: The 51 greatest Welsh songs of 2014


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