25 things to do in Cardiff as recommended by a local

Recently, Metro UK asked me to come up with a list of the 25 things you MUST DO when visiting Cardiff. It was pretty hard to put this list together. Here’s what ended up getting published:

25 things to do in Cardiff as recommended by a local

I had a short list of about 100 things, but quite a few of them were things like:

  • seek out Ninjah at the Riverside Market and spend an hour discussing how the end of the world is heralded and how Pendragon is our ultimate warrior saviour and how he caused the tsunami in Japan; (for the uninitiated, watch Ninjah in action below)

(photo by Maciej Dakowicz)

  • take visiting friends to The Full Moon and make them down a pint of the “green shit” they sell there;

green_shit full moon

  • bump into Gruff Rhys and his tribe of children wandering around Pontcanna;

  • take friends from London to estate agents’ windows and compare how much house prices / rent prices are here compared to there;
  • finish work late, head straight to town to meet your mates, neck a bottle of rose in a doorway then stumble into Clwb / Dempseys and pogo around at the indie disco until you fall over, break your nose and get taken to casualty;
  • go out on the piss in town after the rugby when you said you were going straight home, wake up on the couch in someone else’s house feeling full of self-loathing and regret and then go for a run in the rain up the Taf Trail and see how much redemption you feel at the end of it.



But those are the little secret joys that Cardiffians like to keep to themselves, eh? Don’t want EVERYONE finding out about the real joys of living here!

Anyway, basically the point of this is to say I put together a list of 25 things you MUST do in Cardiff, a family-friendly version, for Metro. You can read it by clicking the image below, or this link: 25 things to do in Cardiff as recommended by a local.

Millennium Stadium


What would you have on your unedited, NSFW list? Let us know in the comments…


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