Adamsdown, how does your garden grow?

Adamsdown is one of the only parts of Cardiff that has its own city garden, run through a project called Edible Adamsdown. We sent photographer Lorna Cabble along to take some snaps at their first community meeting of 2015.





Edible Adamsdown is a project that aims to regenerate and re-open Adamsdown Community garden and pass back ownership to local community members – that could mean YOU! This beautiful little garden is hidden away behind Adamsdown resource centre on Moira terrace and boasts raised beds, a pond, tonnes herbs, a grapevine and a living willow structure.

Some words from Rebecca Clarke, who runs Green City (who run the garden):

“We were thrilled to have more than 30 community members join our ‘How will your garden grow’ event last Sunday. The sun was shining, the tea was flowing and our friends and neighbours came bearing chocolate cupcakes and tasty snacks.

“It was great to see lots of new faces, some of whom have lived in the area for many years and had no idea this garden existed – it’s always so lovely to see their reactions as they discover this little green space.

“Hannah from Free Range learning hosted the workshop for us – the aim was to get to know each other and find out a bit about what each of us would like to see happen in the garden. But this was far from a boring meeting – we kicked off with a seed matching game and then interviewed our seed partners to get to know a bit about them. Other activities and games involved creating a skill tree, a snowball fight (just paper – no real snow!) and discovering and discussing our ideas and priorities for the garden. This was all complimented by lots of tea, cake and conversation.

“It was such a positive start to the project for the new year and with 4 more events before the end of March, including urban chicken keeping, composting and wormeries and a small garden skill share, I think this garden will be teeming with plants and activity this year! Bring on the Spring!”







The garden was initially opened in September 2014, for a fix up event and party, inviting locals to join in and earn timecredits and get involved in this growing project.


















Photographer Lorna Cabble enjoyed her time in the community garden: “My time photographing this event was really pleasant, I was surprised by the amount of people that turned up to discuss the community garden, and how much enthusiasm was showed by a range of different cultures and ages. It was really nice to see a community coming together and getting to know each other through a shared passion. Discussions took place and plans were made for future meetings.”



View upcoming events including composting and vermiculture, community chicken keeping and small garden skill share workshops: Adamsdown Community Garden Events.

This lovely little green space was cleverly designed by Michele Fitzsimmons of Edible Landscaping who leads the Green City wild food foraging walks.

Get in touch with Green City or visit the Edible Adamsdown Facebook group to keep updated.


Lorna Cabble is a photojournalism student at the University of South Wales, currently living in Cardiff.

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2 thoughts on “Adamsdown, how does your garden grow?”

  1. “Adamsdown is one of the only parts of Cardiff that has its own city garden”
    There are quite a few community/city gardens scattered around Cardiff. Llandaff North had one recently. Roath boasts two: Mackintosh Gardens, which I believe is re-opening soon, and Plasnewydd Community Garden which has been going for some years now. We Are Cardiff are more than welcome to visit one day!


  2. “There are quite a few community/city gardens scattered around Cardiff.” = you’ve only named four, one of which isn’t even open yet. I know there’s Pontcanna allotments where people can go volunteer too, but are there any more? Doesn’t seem like many for a city the size of Cardiff. Also how about out in the less ‘fancy’ areas of the city? Butetown, Grangetown, Ely?


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