The Quiet Triumphs project

Last Friday was the launch of Quiet Triumphs – a community based project aimed to inspire charity and positive, local change.

Quiet Triumphs

The project was started by Gareth Jones, composer and musical director of NoFit State Circus, who has been using his skills to highlight eight different charities/organisations who are improving their community.

He has been documenting their work, recording and filming a song on location and will be releasing each of the eight episodes online over eight weeks. With each episode there will be links to how the viewer can help the featured community. The goal is to celebrate and support the Quiet Triumphs that exist on a daily basis. Pretty nice, eh?

Not all episodes are set in Cardiff, but it’s such a lovely project, we had to give it a mention.

Watch the first episode below, covering Organised Kaos (Kaos standing for Keeping Adolescents Off the Streets), a community group up in the Upper Amman Valley.


The origins of the group:

Organised Kaos originated from a Friday night circus club in the Upper Amman Valley, South Wales on the 6th of July 2007. The Amman Valley is a semi rural location with high levels of anti social behaviour, many teenage ASBOs and minimal youth service provision. In response to this backdrop, Nicola Hemsley started a Friday Night Circus School. The purpose of Organised K.A.O.S is encompassed by its acronym (Keeping Adolescents Off the Streets). This was, and still is achieved by offering challenging skills based opportunities to young people through Circus Arts.

Gareth says: “When I began developing the Quiet Triumphs Project one of the first organisations I thought of was Organised Kaos. Having worked in Circus for a number of years I had seen this company grow and grow without losing its original principles. Organised Kaos have helped shape the lives of dozens of children, teenagers and young adults around South Wales with many going on to become professional Circus Artists that perform worldwide. In this building there are no outsiders, no insiders, and all are encouraged to develop and share their unique skills with one another. This is a place where teenagers can use their bodies to express themselves and with each new movement comes a deeper understanding of who they are and what they are capable of.

“Organised Kaos is not just for young people either. The performances and showings that they share bring parents, grand parents and friends together to support a skill and art form that had once seemed unobtainable to older generations. Now the Circus is in the town of Gwaun Cae Gurwen every day!

“If you ever think “nothing really happens” where you live then think of Nicola. Think of Nicola in Upper Amman Valley, with just over four thousand people living in it, taking classes for the first time. Think of her, inspiring young people to discover and invent new forms of expression at a point in their lives where they are struggling to be heard. Think of the excitement that Organised Kaos has brought and the lives that are being changed on a daily basis in an area where “nothing really happens”. If you still think that nothing really happens in your community then maybe it’s time to start something…”

The next episode is out tomorrow! Keep your eyes on the Quiet Triumphs Facebook to watch it…


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