Cardiff: general election check-in

Straw poll. How many people in Cardiff have had leaflets through their doors already from candidates for the general election? What parties are hitting where?

We Are Cardiff HQ is in Butetown, and so far we’ve had Stephen Doughty MP and Jonathan Rees Evans (who? This guy). But that’s been it.

Have you had a leaflet through your door? What neighbourhood do you live in, and who’s campaigning there? Let us know in the comments!

Spring in Cathays Park, Doug Nicholls


Photo by Doug Nicholls

6 thoughts on “Cardiff: general election check-in”

  1. I live in Radyr and the only candidate that has called round (when I’ve been in) and delivered leaflets is James Taghdisian (the Conservative candidate). Dissappointed that the others haven’t made much of an effort especially the current labour MP who should work for his votes and not take his seat for granted.


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