Cardiff wasteland: the Lamby Way landfill site

Chances are you have no idea where your stuff gets taken when you throw it away. Photographer Peppe Iovino has been investigating, so you don’t have to. He visited Lamby Way landfill. REDUSE, REUSE, RECYCLE, PEOPLE!

 Have you ever wondered about where your rubbish goes, when you throw it away?

No? Well, let’s have a journey, through Cardiff’s Lamby Way landfill general waste disposal site. Here it is!

You walk, consume, throw, so easily without wondering where your litter goes, but it can not disappear in a bin. It remains as a stain on your land. It creates a grey land, a dark material. It is highly polluting and needs to be monitored for over 60 years,

Lamby Way, on the outskirts of Cardiff, is where local litter from the past 30 years ends up. It’s a site that’s 80 hectares of land, covered by all the stuff you’ve ever put in a general bin over the past three decades.

All black bin bags, everything that’s not recyclable is picked up by council trucks and ends here in Lamby Way.

A bulldozer crosses the landfill three times a day to pack it down, day by day, bag by bag.

Periodically it is covered by different plastic layer of different kinds to isolate the waste till the area become as what you see below, a dark mud material, that is all the waste composing during the years, a live material that creates liquid and gas residuals that are highly polluting. It needs to be constantly monitored, even over 60 years after it is closed, it creates the dark land you see below…


Explore the rest of Lamby Way and see the rest of Peppe’s photographs: WasteShades

Peppe Iovino Photographer: Facebook page


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