An all female naked dip in the ocean – Cardiff, this Saturday 12 September

Come on in, the water’s warm! Over one weekend in September, Happy In My Skin are inviting women in Cardiff to join them in celebrating bodies – by stripping off and running in to the sea!

happy in my skin

Here’s what they say: “Skinny dipping is an amazing experience and doing it with other women of all shapes and sizes is a wonderfully life affirming experience. Happy In My Skin want to create a comfortable and secure environment, so whether you run, leap, or stumble into the sea; take a swim or a quick dip, whip your robe off bold as brass, or run for cover under the biggest wave, all are welcome.”

Holler to that!

There are 22 women already registered for this weekend’s dip, leaving Cardiff on Saturday 12 September at 11am and boldly heading to a beautiful local sandy beach.

If you’d like to participate, visit Happy In My Skin: Cardiff dip for more details.

Happy in my Skin: Facebook group


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