Reach Out! The Welsh rock for refugees album

Rather marvellously, local music journalist Dave Owens has put together a compilation of Welsh music from some small bands you’ve probably never heard of, to raise money for the current refugee crisis. And what’s more, he did it in ONE WEEK. You can buy the album here (Welsh Rock for Refugees). Read on for more info!


Here’s what Dave says about the album:

“In light of the ongoing refugee crisis some of Wales’ leading musicians have come together to unite under the banner of Welsh Rock For Refugees. The result is a Reach Out – a 30-track album from which all proceeds will be donated to Refugee Action – a UK based charity that helps refugees at home and abroad.

“We’d like to thank everyone who has gone out of their way to ensure this album became a reality in less than seven days. We’ve been truly astounded and humbled by the response.

“Find out more about the work of Refugee Action at

Download the album here: Reach Out – Welsh rock for refugees (bandcamp)

Tracklisting for the album:

1. Frisbee – Super Furry Animals

2. New Loafers – 60ft Dolls

3. Roll On Up – Houdini Dax

4. You Taught Me – The Joy Formidable

5. Thinking Out Loud – Amy Wadge

6. 5c Cotton 40c Beef – Cian Ciaran

7. Graves – Climbing Trees

8. Devastation – Pale Blue Dots

9. The Surgeon – Euros Childs

10. Sbia ar y Seren – Georgia Ruth

11. Lines & Angles – Ellie Makes Music

12. Vast – Gulp

13. Chwyldro (R.Seiliog remix) – Gwenno

14. You’re My Star (Live) – Stereophonics

15. Miller (Live at The Gate) – Zervas & Pepper

16. Caer O Feddyliau – Kizzy Crawford

17. Refugees In The West World – Mike Peters

18. Box – Charlotte Church

19. Hippos – Cerys Matthews

20. Lost Tribes (Tomas Barford Remix) – Gruff Rhys

21. Alcohol Kiss – Trampolene

22. Goldrush (Acoustic) – Paper Aeroplanes

23. Guillotine (featuring Lillian Todd) – Sion Russell Jones

24. Rhodd – Iwan Rheon and Aled Rheon

25. Safe In Place – Grant Nicholas

26. Liberty Rd – The Earth

27. No Borders – Zefur Wolves

28. Redesign – Jayce Lewis and Gary Numan

29. Molly (Acoustic) – The People The Poet

30. William’s Last Words (Underworld mix r37br11) – Manic Street Preachers


Dave Owens is a multimedia news and features journalist at Media Wales. Follow his writings at A Sound Reaction – Facebook page

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