It’s time to have a clear out – Exchange in Roath is BACK!

If you need to refresh your wardrobe, fill your bookshelves with new material or just fancy getting yourself some new furniture, you can do it all for free at Exchange In Roath (EiR) Green City Events’s giant swap shop!

Last year’s Exchange In Roath saw over 1.5 tonnes of clothes, books, DVDs, CDs and records, furniture, electronics, toys, kitchenware and even bikes donated. This year Green City are bringing the event back to Cardiff as part of the Made In Roath festival.

“We were really surprised at the quality (and quantity) of the items donated – in the mix last year were some lovely designer clothes and beautiful vintage items! One of the best parts was hearing so many people say ‘ohhhh I was just about to go out and buy one of those so you’ve saved me loads of money!’” – Becca Clark, founder of Green City Events

As a completely free event attendees will be given five free ‘points’ (which can be exchange for items) just for turning up. If you want to walk away with more, however, you can gain more points by donating your own unwanted things.

From Monday 12thto Friday 16th October there will be a yarn-bombed shipping container on Keppoch Street, right next to the Gate Arts Centre, ready and willing to take donations. Look how cool it is:

That is a well and truly yarn-bombed shipping container!
That is a well and truly yarn-bombed shipping container!

On the day itself screen-printing arts collective Printhaus and skill-sharers Trade School Cardiff will be on hand to run up-cycling stations and offer workshops centred on creatively repairing unwanted objects. So, as well as swapping items, people can learn how to give their old items a new lease of life.

The Trade School Cardiff classes are limited capacity so you need to book these in advance – and you’ll need to bring something to exchange with the teacher (in exchange for learning, that’s the ‘Trade’ part). More on the TSC website.

You’ll be able to screenprint the winning designs from the Swap It! design competition (below) onto your old tshirts and tote bags!

Alyn's design
Alyn’s design
Lauren's design
Lauren’s design
Rosie's design
Rosie’s design

You can drop off donations  THIS WEEK! 

Drop-off Donations: Monday 12th-Friday 16th October, 5pm-7pm
Exchange In Roath: Saturday 17th October, 12noon-4pm
: The Gate Arts Centre, Keppoch St, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3JW

More about Exchange in Roath….

How many people attend Exchange In Roath?

Last year between 800-1000 people attended Exchange In Roath and, within four hours, 1.3 tonnes of donations had been rehomed.

“A real mixture of people attend this event but it’s very important to us that’s it’s accessible to all. One of my strongest memories from last year was of a family that came in. We gave all the kids five free points each and when they came out they had huge grins on their faces and arms full of toys! They were clearly not a wealthy family and this had made their day, maybe even their year. We told them to come back at the end as we make it take-what-you-want for the last hour. They came back and picked up lots of things they really needed like kids clothes and kitchenware.” – Becca Clark, Green City Events


What is the atmosphere like at Exchange In Roath?
“I really love this event, the atmosphere was exciting and there was anticipation building up in the form of a large queue outside the Gate before we opened the doors!” – Becca Clark, Green City Events

How does the point system work?

“The exchange system is a very simple one. Our drop off container is run by volunteers and as a rough guide one bin bag or box full of stuff is worth between 5-10 points. We will not be able to go through the boxes to judge the value of items – we are judging all donations as equal with the assumption that these are things that people would like to get rid of.
On the day everything is worth just one point – this could mean one point for a coffee table or one point for a DVD. Everything is of equal value in the swap shop and it will be on a first come first served basis. There will be the option, however, for people to make a cash donation to the YMCA if they feel they would like to.
Everyone that walks through the door will be given 5 free points, whether they have donated or not. Those that have donated of course will have lots more points to spend.” – Becca Clark, Green City Events
What up-cycled events are taking place?
“This adds extra fun to the day and encourages people to re-use and re-love their items before throwing them away! We will have upcycling stations which will be running simple workshops to quickly revamp clothes and items you might throw away. Printhaus will be joining us to screen print designs on to your old clothes or tote bags and we have joined forces with Trade School Cardiff to offer skill share workshops in our shipping container.” – Becca Clark, Green City Events

What happens to the items that don’t get new owners?
“We work in partnership with the YMCA and anything left over goes to their warehouse to be sorted for their charity shop or donated to their residents.” – Becca Clark, Green City Events


We can’t WAIT!!


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