We’ve been nominated for blogger of the year and Creative Industry award! Vote for us (please)!

HELLO! And a very happy Black Friday / Saturday / Sunday weekend!

So we just found out that We Are Cardiff has been nominated for Blogger of the Year at the Cardiff Regional Awards AND We Are Cardiff Press has been nominated for the Creative Industry Award!

It’s very flattering to have been nominated, and these awards are decided by PUBLIC VOTE! (our favourite kind of vote). So if you’ve got a second, we’d be awfully grateful if you could pop over to the Regional Awards to vote for We Are Cardiff in the Best Blogger category AND THEN vote for We Are Cardiff Press in the Creative Industry Award!

And get all your friends to do it! And your family! It’s good karma, see. Voting ends on New Year’s Eve 2015!

Peas, rice, and all the love this side of the Severn Bore,


PS. Wanna see something cool? Check out this photo of Glamorganshire Canal, running through the city. This is approximately the location Mill Lane today. I KNOW. Crazy, right??




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