Cardiff Bay, the docks, the barrage, through a vintage lens…

Hi. Helia here. So here’s the thing. I’ve got a Nikon D3100 DSLR, for which I am roundly (and loudly) mocked by all my pals who are into photography. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert enough to even know the difference between this and any other DSLR, so I’ve never been bothered about upgrading.

red brick toothy fish, cardiff bay

Stuff upgrading. In fact I’m downgrading … I’ve abandoned the original auto-focus lens that came with the camera in favour of this old Nikkor 28 lens that I found for pretty cheap on ebay (other ecommerce sites are available).

There is a plethora of information for DSLR photographers wanting to use old lenses on newer cameras … the only bummer is that there is nothing automated about this process (more advanced camera than mine will do some automated processes), but that’s meant speedy learning about aperture sizes, shutter speeds, and ISO. So MATHS …

Anyway, despite all the difficulties, I am sold on this lens! Things look lovely through it. Here’s a peak of Cardiff Bay on wintery days in November (there was no editing of these photos after I’d taken – apart from straightening some of them up, because apparently I am living perpetually on the diagonal).

2015-11-23 14.56.01

2015-11-23 14.53.32

2015-11-23 14.52.54

2015-11-23 14.45.04

2015-11-21 11.44.06

2015-11-21 11.44.44

2015-11-21 11.44.26

Royal Hamadryad General and Seaman's Hospital sign

Women chatting, Hamadryad Park

2015-11-21 11.48.40

2015-11-21 11.53.04

Cardiff Bay Trail sign

One of the old docks, Cardiff Bay

2015-11-23 14.37.57

Telescope, view over Cardiff Bay water

One of the old docks, Cardiff Bay

Crane in One of the old docks, Cardiff Bay

Over exposed, Havannah Street Butetown

2015-11-23 14.42.19

2015-11-23 14.48.03

2015-11-23 14.49.14

2015-11-23 14.48.20

2015-11-23 14.49.56

2015-11-23 14.50.38

2015-11-23 14.51.17

2015-11-23 14.43.10

Victorian lamp post, Cardiff Bay

2015-11-23 14.46.08

Over exposed crane in One of the old docks, Cardiff Bay

More of my vintage photography journey to come! And if you’re an avid photographer who’d like to share some of your pictures with us, please get in touch –

Til next time …


Helia x


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