We are happening: Cardiff news and events round up for early January 2016

HELLO CARDIFF! Helia here, wishing you a very happy new year! Enjoy yourselves a Cardiff based links and blog round up!

cardiff bay sunrise

We Are Cardiff Instagram

First up, podcaster and local footy fan Alex Feeney is looking after our Instagram account for January, so follow us on there: We Are Cardiff Instagram


Did I mention that Al’s podcast is called EatSleepFootyRepeat? It’s a podcast about Welsh football. I might be a future guest on that shiz, because hey – who else is more qualified to talk about football than me?? (clue: almost everyone else at this party). Listen to previous episodes of EatSleepFootyRepeat and join their EatSleepFootyRepeat Facebook page. Because sportz, okay?


The Oddball Blog

I recently came across a newly launched site called The Oddball Blog, which has a great alternative events guide for January: Alternative events guide

The Oddball Blog also has a great blog about Cardiff music in years past, with interviews with Keith Murrell and Moira Morgan: Retrospect: Cardiff’s musical subculture of the 70s and 80s

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle have announced a series of lectures that will be taking place over the next couple of months:

They look pretty great, eh? You need to register for tickets, details on each individual event. See the overview of all events on the Cardiff Castle Facebook event page

Fundraver for Sharedydd

Sharedydd (Share’ + Caerdydd) – part of Cardiff City of Sanctuary – is a network of ordinary people in Cardiff and beyond who host destitute asylum seekers in their homes – sometimes just for a few nights, sometimes longer – helping people who have nowhere else to turn. On January 14, there will be a fundraiser at Undertone to help raise monies for them. Well worth attending! Check the FB page for other ways to help: Fundraver for Sharedydd Facebook event

The Golden Cross

Urban 75 have posted this great blog about the Golden Cross: Glazed tiles, Grade II listing and drag acts

Cardiff Flea Market’s Auction House!

Exciting news about Cardiff Flea Market, which is opening an auction house and will be holding its first general auction on February 7, 2016, (and every Sunday thereafter). More details on the First Auction Facebook page

Love food, hate waste!

Supported by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, Green City Events has teamed up with Lia’s Kitchen and Cynefin Cardiff to host a series of pop-up food waste awareness roadshows and cooking events in Cardiff to help people to make the most of the food they might be throwing away.


Food Waste Roadshows:

  • Saturday 16 Jan – Albany Road
  • Saturday 27 Feb – Roath Farmers Market
  • Tuesday 8 March – Cardiff Students Union

Love Food Hate Waste Cook Ups:

  • Saturday 6 Feb – Plasnewydd Community Hall, 2 Shakespeare St, Roath
  • Saturday 13 Feb – Oasis Refugee Centre, 69B Splott Road, Cardiff. CF24 2BW

Tickets for these events can be booked here; www.greencityevents.co.uk/events or by emailing cookup@greencityevents.co.uk.


Uber in Cardiff

In case you hadn’t heard, the Airbnb-new-year’s-eve-orgy-party-of-taxi-cabs that is Uber is coming to Cardiff. Yes! Are we ready for it? Are we big enough for it? Will anyone use it? All these questions and more to be answered at a taxi rank near you: soon, very soon. Booking app Uber granted licence to operate in Cardiff (BBC)

In other news:

Pint of 45 does Chapel 1877

Iolo’s top ten locations in Wales for 2016

A blind woman from Cardiff has had some of her sight restored with an electronic “bionic” eye implant

Cardiff Astronomical Society is opening its Dyffryn Gardens observatory to the public to coincide with BBC Stargazing Live

Are you affected by the Cardiff local development plan? As a resident of Butetown, I personally cannot WAIT for more flats to be built down here. If that’s something we’re short of, it’s flats. Amirite? As Cardiff gets the go-ahead for thousands of new homes, what will the Local Development Plan actually mean for the city? (Wales Online)

Also the NosDa hostel and car opposite the Millennium Stadium has made a wee video, with some nice footage taken around Cardiff

And, what else could I sign off with, but the fat squirrels spotted in Bute Park? Apparently the mild winter has meant the greedy little buggers have just eaten and eaten and eaten, but it hasn’t been cold enough for them to hibernate. Climate change has a lot to answer for …

Also, if you’re looking to increase your book collection and improve your mind with reading this new year, may I recommend the debut publication from We Are Cardiff Press, an anthology of short stories about a bus route around Cardiff? The book is called The 42b – Dark journeys in Cardiff, and would make the perfect treat yo’self gift! Buy The 42b here.

The 42b 012

Til next time!




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