Green Man 2016 is coming … tickets on sale!

Our favourite large scale south-Wales music and culture shindig is definitely Green Man festival, which takes place annually in the Brecon Beacons. Just an hour’s drive north of Cardiff, it’s a family friendly week of wonderful music, joyous abandon, delicious food, and gorgeous surroundings.

And this year’s festival tickets are on sale from 10am TODAY! Buy Green Man tickets

We’ve covered Green Man the last two years. Watch our videos from 2015:

We reviewed the festival in 2014 and profiled festival goers in 2014 (We Are Green Man 2014) and 2015 (We Are Green Man 2015).

Green Man Festival sitewearegreenman2015_ - 15 wearegreenman2015_ - 12 We_Are_Cardiff_Green_Man_Sunday - 58 We_Are_Cardiff_Green_Man_Sunday - 25 We_Are_Cardiff_Green_Man_Friday - 24

Green Man have also released a pretty tasty Green Man 2015 highlights film! Check it out …

Enjoy! And get your tickets from 10am, 26 January 2016! Buy Green Man tickets


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