We Are Cardiff: Guest Lecture for ICMP Cardiff

Since launching, Cardiff’s Institute of Contemporary Performance has had a series of guest speakers in to talk to students about a variety of things. And next Wednesday, We Are Cardiff blog boss Helia Phoenix (hi, that’s actually me, writing this in the third person like some sort of a) total boss b) raving lunatic c) symptomatic personality disorder) is giving a guest lecture about “strategic digital marketing” and the role it has played in creating the local media behemoth that is WE ARE CARDIFF!


(me, arsing around under a flyover, photo credit Simon Ayre)

Oh, didn’t you realise this was a behemoth? Well, I’m not sure it’s one either, but I couldn’t think of anything better to call it (suggestions welcome, keep it clean please).

I don’t really blog personally much anymore – doing We Are Cardiff in my spare time doesn’t leave me with much writing capability, and whatever is leftover from that has been spent writing a novel for the past year or so. But I wrote my own We Are Cardiff post a few years back and I do have a personal/professional website which I used more when I used to freelance a lot. I don’t freelance much anymore (there aren’t enough hours in the day!), but there’s more info about what I’ve done on there.

I’ve never given a guest lecture before, though I do enjoy talking (as per my friend Elf’s comment “well done, big mouth” on Facebook when I posted the event on there, ta mate) so I’m sure we’ll be fine. You can expect some or all of the following, depending on how I’m feeling:

  • a potted history of We Are Cardiff
  • partnerships and working collaboratively (finding friends, avoiding a-holes)
  • useful websites / third party apps / functions you can use to make blogging a billion times easier (low cost or free)
  • useful equipment / tech (again, low cost or free)
  • digital content production and promotion in Today’s Digital Media Landscape (what can you do to make your brand/band/label/whatever stand out, etc).

My background is mainly in music journalism so I’ll talk a bit about that probably, I might start talking about Kruger Magazine or Catapult Records and start tearing up (someone bring the Kleenex please). (Also I just noticed that James Maclaren wrote that Kruger piece. Double Kleenex.)

Anyway …

The guest lecture is on Eventbrite and is open to the public. Plus it’s free! Here’s what they say…

Wednesday April 13: 1pm – 3.30pm, Guest Lecture Helia Phoenix (We Are Cardiff)

“We Are Cardiff’s mission to create & share interesting stories about culture, arts & people took them on wondrous journey that has resulted in 40k followers, a published book & prestigious awards. Hear how strategic digital marketing played a crucial role in the blog’s success, straight from the horse’s mouth”.


Helia x


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