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A guide to creative Cardiff

Are you looking for a guide to creative Cardiff? Look no further! We teamed up with the Creative Cardiff team at Cardiff Uni and I Loves the ‘Diff to produce a rather natty guide to Creative Cardiff.

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You can read the whole thing, or jump straight to one of the sections:

Helia wrote these ones:

Spaces to work : The city is overflowing with lovely places to hang out. Recently Cardiff has enjoyed something of a coffee revolution, with an array of new, independent coffee shops with free wifi scattered across the city. Nomadic workers armed with Macbooks and seeking caffeine to fuel their big novels, screenplays, or start up proposals can be found around every corner.

Cardiff’s creative spaces : The architecture in Cardiff is a glorious mish-mash of everything from Roman to brutal modernist, so Cardiff doesn’t really have an adopted architectural ‘style’. Instead, the city piles different influences on top of each other, throwing up cream and glass luxury apartments next to listed, stone buildings.

There’s also these articles in the series (the European one gives some good background info on the city):

If you haven’t seen the Creative Cardiff project, here’s what they say about themselves:

Creative Cardiff is a new network which connects people working in any creative organisation, business or job in the Cardiff region. By encouraging people to work together we believe that we can make Cardiff the most creative place it can be.

Pretty good, eh? Find our more about Creative Cardiff here.


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