And if you’re still undecided, consider the following.

Back in the bleakness of the 1980s, I was born in Cardiff. At the time, much of Wales was amongst the most impoverished places in what is now the European Union.


And guess what – IT STILL IS.

That’s why Wales qualifies for and has benefited from so much European funding – specifically structural funding, which is the EU’s way of trying to boost the poorest parts of the EU. West Wales and the Valleys have an average GDP which is less that 75% of the EU average (think about that for a second), so that area still receives the highest level of funding. By 2020, Wales will have received more than FIVE BILLION POUNDS in structural funds. 

To see how much Wales benefits from European funding, see below.

(from the BBC)

And for those people who say that if we leave the EU, money will just come straight to us from Westminster, do you really believe that? Do you remember what it was like before we joined??

One of Wales’ top political commentary blogs, Oggy Bloggy Ogwr, gives a good run through of what would likely happen in Wales in the case of a Remain Vote or Leave Vote. The Leave explanation struck chills when I read it: “The likely economic hit (of leaving) could damage the Welsh case even more so than it does currently”. Because that’s exactly what we need – a return to the terrible poverty that Wales already struggled through. Don’t make me say the T word or the M word (‘Thatcher’ and ‘mines’, in case you hadn’t worked those out).

Cardiff is noted as being one of the first multi-cultural societies in Britain, formed during the Industrial Revolution “when the Cardiff docks were exporting millions of tonnes of coal from the Welsh valleys, all around the world, ships returned to the port bearing people to live and work in the city” (ref: The Cardiff Story).

We love living in a city – nope, a COUNTRY – which embraces different nationalities and cultures. We want to celebrate diversity, not criminalise it!


We’re presuming though, if you’re reading this, you probably already agree with us. If you don’t, you should go read the Daily Fail or watch Fox News or something.

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