And the winner of Cardiff’s worst cycle path is……

We recently conducted an entirely un-scientific poll to ask our 40,000 followers to choose one bit of cycle path in Cardiff that needs to be repaired.

The overwhelming choice was …. FITZHAMON EMBANKMENT!! This bit of pavement is probably one of the most used paths in the city, but the surface is nearly unrideable to all but mountain bikes. It’s incredibly dangerous to brake on the loose gravel, and the endless deep potholes mean that you have to constantly swerve to avoid pedestrians and holes! The road next to it isn’t much better, and it’s only one-way. In the autumn when the leaves drop, it’s even more dangerous….

So please, Cardiff Council – we know you don’t have much money but please prioritise this bit of cycle path so people aren’t put off cycling in our beautiful city!! 

Second choice was the tiny, inexplicably un-paved bit of path down the Taff near Sophia Gardens:

Another popular choice was the North Road bike path:

Any other suggestions? Let us know below!

7 thoughts on “And the winner of Cardiff’s worst cycle path is……”

  1. Seriously, all of them are deradful. Anybody try cycling yp manor way with the amount of potholes, differing types of paevements, people parking directly on the pavements! Its a nightmare. They are all a joke.


  2. Sorry but have you actually tried walking g on Cardiff pavements recently? At least with 2 wheels you can absorb some of the awful uneveness 😦 sprained ankle again yesterday and turning out to be a regular occurrence as the state of pavements are dire. But no o e care about us poor humble pedestrians so Cardiff Council take note I’ve started walking on the road because they are actually proving to be safer than your pavements dispite the traffic risk!!! PLEASE please Please stop neglecting your walking constituents.


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