Distraction Pieces – Huw Stephens talks Cardiff (amongst other things)

Huw Stephens. Champion of new music, voice of Radio One on weeknights, Monday to Wednesday. One of Cardiff’s favourite sons and best exports, and official Friend of We Are Cardiff.

Last year, Huw was on Scroobius Pip’s podcast, Distraction Pieces. It’s a really interesting listen, where Huw talks about his early days in Cardiff, including his early years, a love of magic, Welsh language, the Eisteddfod, Gwenno, his early record label endeavours, starting out in radio, Gorky’s, SFA, Catatonia, hospital radio, Radio One Wales, devolution, plus a billion more things.

Listen to Scroobius Pip / Huw Stephens Distraction pieces (or click the image below)


It’s a really good listen. From a personal perspective, I recommend you skip forwards to 1.03:20, where they talk about Kruger Magazine, the Cardiff music magazine that ran from 2004 – 2010, where I cut my music journo chops. RIP.

Huw on Twitter @HuwStephens

Huw’s BBC profile


Oh – Huw also did the voiceover introduction to the little film we made about Cardiff. Have you seen it? It’s really rather good, if we do say so ourselves. Watch below:

Big up.

PS I do realise that podcast was released last year, and I CANNOT believe how long it’s taken me to post this … but anyway! Enjoy!


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