October’s Instagram takeover!

The photophiles amongst you will probably know we have an Instagram account, used for two things: regramming the best photos of Cardiff that we can find, and also occasionally farming out to Cardiffians for month-long takeovers.

In October, we have photographer Sam Padget doing the takeover. Sam has done some fabulous action-packed photo essays for us before (like this one on the P1 Superstock in the bay). He introduces himself below!


Sam Padget Samuel Bay Photography

I am a 30 year old freelance photographer and student currently based in Cardiff. My journey to this point has been quite complicated, but I discovered my passion for photography in northern Norway, where I lived for a year. Having held photo workshops, an exhibition and publishing a book, I headed back down south to broaden my photographic skill set with a BA in Photojournalism at the University of South Wales.

For me, Cardiff is the perfect city. It has it all, a combination of a strong photography scene, bustling night life and is ideally placed in proximity to nature and of course, the sea.

My day job, so to speak, is freelance sports photography with particular focus on unusual and winter sports, but I’m pursuing a career in documentary photography with strong interest in the co-existence of man and nature. This month you can expect a lot of street style photography, as well as candid portraiture. I also like to use techniques such as slow shutter and elevation to try and give a unique ‘look’ to my images.

My main interest is travel and I’m a bit of a foodie with a penchant for noodles. I’m fluent in Norwegian and currently learning Portuguese.

Samuel Bay Photography

We Are Cardiff Instagram


We Make Good Happen: help a closing foodbank

Okay, so we don’t often bother mentioning anything about Swansea on this blog (specifically not things like the Mumbles, the Gower, the fact they have the largest indoor market in Wales or that they’ve just been named top university in Wales). It’s not like we’re jealous or anything. Honestly.

However … sometimes it’s good to reach out and help your neighbours, so we’re featuring We Make Good Happen, a local pay-it-forwards-good-deeds type initiative set up by Matt and Andrea Callanan. They are trying to round up as many donations as they can to help the soon-to-close Eastside food bank in Swansea.

They will be driving to Swansea from Cardiff on Friday 7 October to take donations. If you’re in a position to donate anything, please have a look at the list of needed items below. There are a variety of ways you can get items to We Make Good Happen, also listed.

Rather than rewriting the whole thing, I’ll just copy and paste Matt’s initial plea, but for info this is being run by We Make Good Happen, not We Are Cardiff (though we are going to be donating, and if any of you can’t access any of the points below, let Matt or us know and we’ll try our best to arrange someone to pick stuff up from you).


Can you help me to a great thing? A #foodbank in #Swansea is on its last legs and needs donations urgently otherwise they will have to close. (feel free to share this post)

From one of the ladies that runs it:

“Really need more donations or we will end up closing. We are feeding more families than ever so the need is there but our donors seem to have abandoned us.”

I will be driving down from #Cardiff next week on Friday 7th October and it would be amazing if I can drive down with a car packed full of food for people that desperately need it. (I’ll sort a van if there’s enough stuff)

**UPDATE – 2 drop points in Cardiff Bay
+ Have now set up a box in my office reception so they are expecting people: Saint Line House, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5LR (oppSunflower&I )

or Inspire Me / Sing and Inspire InspireMe
Crichton House, 11-12 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff CF10 5EE

For Roath email me: wemakegoodhappen@gmail.com

Also popped to supermarket and bought a few cans/things to get this thing kickstarted.

I will be going out to buy food but it would be great if other people can contribute (even if it’s a few cans) and really help families and people in need. Food is such a basic thing! So imagine being without it. Or kids being without food. Think of the good you will do.

If you want to get involved let me know here or email wemakegoodhappen@gmail.com

I’m happy for you to drop off at my house/ my office in Cardiff Bay or I can pickup from you

Food they need: (**Check food is in date & they do not need pasta**)

“Own brand & value things are perfectly acceptable. Clients who are hungry are pleased with anything.”

milk (dried or long life)
tinned meat (corned beef/ham/pork/braised beef/meatballs/hot dogs)
tinned fruit
tinned veg
Baked beans / spaghetti
Tinned or packet soup
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned or packet dried potatoes
Tinned carrots, peas, sweetcorn
Tea / coffee
Instant hot chocolate
Tuna / sardines
Savoury / sweet biscuits / part baked long life bread
Savoury and sweet spreads
Tinned rice pudding, tinned custard
Rice and pasta microwaveable meals.

“Many thanks in advance for help.”

This is We Make Good Happen by the way. Adorable, right??




Cardiff Book Festival 2016 – our picks, full line up and ticket information

cardiff_book_festivalThe Cardiff Book Festival programme has been announced! A weekend of bookish delights and literary indulgence await, featuring literary heroes like Miranda Sawyer and Deborah Moggach. Whoop!

The festival takes place over the last weekend of October (from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 October) in various venues across Cardiff – more details at the bottom of this post.

Read on for our picks of the weekend and details about tickets!

We Are Cardiff’s festival picks!

Improve your Writing: Poetry, Short Story and Novel Writing workshops

28.10.16 – 9.30am to 12.30pm, Cardiff Central Library, Meeting Room 4

A unique opportunity to write with and learn from some of the most exciting names in Welsh fiction. Let our authors guide you through the finer points of fiction, poetry and short story writing, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the world of words for year. Poetry will be taught by prize-winning Jonathan Edwards, whose work has been widely published in magazines such as Poetry Review. Dan Tyte is an acclaimed novelist and writer- he will guide you through getting your novel into shape. The brilliant, award-winning Rachel Trezise burst onto the literary scene at the age of 22 becoming one of the most original writers of her generation. She’ll teach you the art of the short story. Join us for a one-off event that any aspiring author will not want to miss.

Workshops: Getting Published

28.10.16 – 1pm to 4pm, Cardiff Central Library, Meeting Room 4

Need help navigating the often complex process of publishing your work? The Getting Published masterclass covers everything you need to know to get into print. From exploring self-publishing options, how to find an agent and a publisher, building an author profile and platform, tips on how to get your book to sell and much more. With advice from industry experts including Hazel Cushion, the founder and managing director of Accent Press and Richard Davies, director of Parthian, this masterclass is a one stop shop for all your publishing needs.

Owen Sheers: On Life, In Words

28.10.16, 6pm. Yr Hen Lyfrgell

From Zimbabwe (The Dust Diaries), to the war torn fields of Pink Mist, or the rugby pitch in his non-fiction work, Calon, wherever his writing takes him, Owen Sheers\u2019 heart is still in Wales. His latest novel, I Saw a Man, is a gripping and stylish novel and he’s now renowned as one of the best contemporary writers. Owen’s novels, poetry and screenwriting are known all across the world. Chaired by Felicity Evans.

The Debuts, Laura Powell and Dan Tyte

29.10.16 – 10am–11am Cardiff Central Library, 5th Floor Creative Suite

They say everyone has one good book in them. Few ever get round to writing it, far less getting it published. Telegraph journalist, Laura Powell, traded fact for fiction with her debut novel, The Unforgotten, a thriller featuring forbidden love and a serial killer. Dan Tyte’s debut, Half Plus Seven, sees a jaded PR man in search of some sort of meaning in a book described as “a coming of age novel snorting with energy.

Roald Dahl Tour

29.10.16 – 11am, The City Cross at Cathedral Green, Llandaff

A hunt for what remains of one of the finest writers Wales has produced with author and poet Peter Finch. Dahl was born here in 1916 and left for boarding school when he was 10. In that time he managed to live in three different houses and to move around Cardiff enough for the city to seep into his creative consciousness. We visit his birthplace and take in other places of historical significance. This two-hour walk is aimed at adults but children are welcome.”

Miranda Sawyer – Mid-Life Moments

29.10.16 – 4.30pm, The Angel Hotel

What exactly is a mid-life crisis, and what happens when one arrives? The respected journalist and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer tackles this most challenging of times with humour and candid insight in her book Out of Time. For Sawyer, her mid-life crisis made its presence felt when she was 44. Here she discusses how our tastes and our bodies change as we get older; and the unexpected new pleasures the second half of life can offer.

Elliw Gwawr –  Living the Sweet Life (Welsh language event)

30.10.16 – 11.30am, Yr Hen Lyfrgell

BBC Cymru Wales’ Westminster Correspondent Elliw Gwawr swaps politics for puddings as she discusses her passion for baking. Gwawr has enjoyed cooking since she was a child, and following the success of ‘Paned a Chacen’ the first ever Welsh language baking blog, has gone on to publish two hugely popular books ‘Paned a Chacen’ and ‘Pobi.’ Filled with her favourite recipes for puddings, cakes and biscuits, Gwawr’s books are enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Jasmine Donahaye– Memoir and Memory

30.10.16 Yr Hen Lyfrgell

Poet and author Jasmine Donahaye discusses the life-changing events that became her award-winning memoir Losing Israel. In 2007, after a chance conversation with her mother, a kibbutznik, Donahaye stumbled upon the collusion of her family in the displacement of Palestinians in 1948. When she set out to learn the story of what happened, what she discovered challenged everything she thought she knew about the country and her family, and transformed her understanding of the place, and of herself. Winner of the 2016 Wales Book of the Year Creative Non-Fiction Award, Losing Israel is a moving and candid work, which spans travel writing, nature writing and memoir.

Deborah Moggach: The Best Exotic Writer in Wales – stories from the Marigold Hotel

30.10.16, Yr Hen Lyfrgell

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was a smash when it hit the silver screen, cementing Deborah Moggach’s place at the top of the writing tree – it was her book, These Foolish Things, that the film was based on. Now living and writing in Wales, she is the author of sixteen other books – including best seller Tulip Fever – and several screenplays, such as the blockbuster Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley. She joins us to read from and discuss her new novel Something to Hide, which she’s adapting for the BBC. Spanning continents, it follows characters as they uncover secrets. “It turns out that no matter where you are in the world, everyone has something to hide.”

Neil Sinclair on Butetown: Tiger Bay Remembered

30.10.16, Yr Hen Lyfrgell

Afro-Celtic author and Cardiff historian Neil M. C. Sinclair is a native of Tiger Bay, the oldest multi-ethnic community in Wales. He has written extensively on the history of his unique hometown, providing an insider’s view of life in old Tiger Bay. Drawing on personal memories, family history and a lifetime’s worth of connections within the community, Sinclair’s humorous and thought-provoking journey through the old streets of Tiger Bay and Cardiff Docks in their heyday delves into the real heart of one of Cardiff’s most celebrated communities.”


Cardiff Book Festival: full programme


28.10,16 – 8am – Business breakfast debate- business leaders discuss what 2016 was like and what’s ahead in 2017.

28.10.16 – 9.30am to 12.30pm – Improve your Writing: Poetry, Short Story and Novel Writing workshops

28.10.16 – 1pm to 4pm – Workshops: Getting Published

28.10.16 – 10am Oodles of Doodles with Huw Aaron

28.10.16 – 6pm – Owen Sheers

28.10.16 – 7.30pm – After Euro 2016


29.10.16 – 10am – The Debuts

29.10.16 – 11am – Roald Dahl Tour

29.10.16 – 11.15am – Caryl Lewis and Catrin Beard WELSH LANGUAGE EVENT

29.10.16 – 12.30 – Rachel Trezise and Thomas Morris

29.10.16 – 13.30 – Roald Dahl Tour

29.10.16 – 1.45pm –  Ifor ap Glyn and Clare Potter WELSH LANGUAGE EVENT

29.10.16 – 2pm – Patrick McGuinness and Holly Muller

29.10.16 – 3.15pm – Iolo Williams

29.10.16 – 4.30pm – Miranda Sawyer

29.10.16 -7pm – Martin Williams

29.10.16 – 8.30pm – Sophie Hannah

29.10.16 – late – Swn Festival at CBF


30.10.16 – 10am – Poetry – Belonging: A Sense of Place. The immigration Handbook (Caroline Smith) and Jonathan Edwards.

30.10.16 – 11.00 – Elliw Gwawr –  Living the Sweet Life WELSH LANGUAGE

30.10.16 – noon – Jasmine Donahaye– Memoir and Memory

30.10.16 – 2pm – Deborah Moggach – stories from the Marigold Hotel

30.10.16 – 3.15pm – Cynan Jones and Tom Bullough

30.10.16 – 4.30pm – Neil Sinclair on Butetown

30.10.16 – 6pm – Debate – Feminism in 2016 with Felicity Evans


More information:

Cardiff Book Festival
Fri 28 Oct – Sun 30 Oct 2016, various venues across Cardiff

Cardiff Book Festival website

Cardiff Book Festival tickets

Cardiff Book Festival Twitter


Old Books - photo by Walt Jabsco

Old Books – photo by Walt Jabsco on Flickr


Porthcawl Elvis Festival 2016 – in pictures

Yes kids – we’re celebrating the 12th annual Porthcawl Elvis Festival!

Photographer Lorna Cabble headed down to the seafront to capture the glamorous men and women as they donned their best outfits, and the impersonators battled to be crowned ‘Best Elvies’ (sic).

Lorna says: “The weather wasn’t as sunny this year, but people still looked amazing. As usual the vibe was fab and everyone was just having a great time. I won’t be a student next year, but I’ll definitely be going back!”

elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-07 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-08 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-09 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-11 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-13 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-15 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-16 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-17 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-18 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-19 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-20 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-22 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-23 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-24 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-25 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-27 elvis_festival_2016_lorna_cabble_-29

For more, see Lorna’s Porthcawl 2016 Elvis Festival Facebook album

Lorna Cabble is in her final year of Photojournalism at the University of South Wales. Her favourite area of photography is theatre and social documentary: she is obsessed with people and their stories. When she graduates, she would love to work in theatres and to do as much NGO work as she can. She’s the resident photographer for This is Kizomba, Cardiff. Lorna’s Facebook page / Lorna’s Instagram

See also: The Elvies: Porthcawl Elvis Festival website


Swn Festival 2016 – tenth anniversary! Line up and tickets info


Oh my lordy, TEN YEARS of Sŵn! This October we welcome back our own inner city music festival for its tenth year. Excited? We are!

In case you haven’t been to Sŵn before, here’s the vibe. The festival takes over several venues throughout Cardiff city centre, spreading musical joy and happiness between them all. You buy a wristband – either for the weekend or a day at a time – that gets you into all those shows (provided there’s room – so get there early for bands you really want to see!).

There are additional festival shows in Tramshed that you can buy separate tickets for. Your wristband will get you into these, but again, only if there’s space.

This year’s line up

News: Lonely the Brave all dayer!

Sŵn have now announced the FULL LINE-UP for the LONELY THE BRAVE all-dayer on Saturday 22nd October 2016 at Tramshed, as part of Sŵn Festival 2016. Huge! LONELY THE BRAVE will be joined by FATHERSON, CASEY, BLACK FOXXED, MAX RAPTOR and MUNCIE GIRLS. What a humdinger.

Join the Lonely the Brave all-dayer Facebook event for updates or jump straight to Lonely the Brave all-dayer tickets. If you want to spend the day here you can buy a ticket just for this show for £12.50 OR buy a Sŵn Festival Saturday Wristband or weekend wristband to get entry (subject to capacity)

Volunteering at Sŵn Festival

Fancy working on an award-winning music festival? Drop them an email if this is your bag! If you’re interested in a future career in events or music, this a great way to get experience and have fun too.

Other Sŵn shows …

Sŵn began life as a festival but we get bands asking to play Cardiff all the time, so we now promote shows year-round. To get more live new music in your life, here’s a list of our upcoming shows to take you all the way to Sŵn Festival….

  • WATSKY / JEZ DIOR / 30th Sep / Clwb Ifor Bach  / RSVP / Tickets
  • IN HEAVEN / PALE WAVES / BIRDCAGE / 5th Oct / RSVP / Tickets
  • FEWS / WYLDERNESS / CHROMA / 12th Oct / RSVP / Tickets
  • TALL SHIPS / 17th Oct / RSVP / Tickets

… and there’s over twenty more upcoming shows at SOUND NATION


More Sŵn news … soon!


Stranger Things ’80s party comes to Cardiff!

strangest_things_partyGet your freak on … literally, to celebrate the jaw-dropping awesomeness of Stranger Things coming to Cardiff, in ’80s party form!

The devoted have delved deep into Jonathan Byers’ record collection, and will be playing vinyl records featured in and inspired by Stranger Things – “all the best stuff… Joy Division, Bowie, Television, The Smiths. It could totally change your life!”


Strangest Things ’80s Party
Clwb Ifor Bach
Tuesday 27 September, 22:00 – 3:00

Expect to hear all of the tracks from the show by The Clash, Toto, Joy Division, Foreigner, Modern English, Corey Hart, The Bangles, Jefferson Airplane & more – plus the likes of The Smiths, The Cure, David Bowie, New Order, Talking Heads, A Flock Of Seagulls, Depeche Mode, Television, Soft Cell, Blondie, The Undertones, The Psychedelic Furs, The Human League, Iggy Pop, The Specials, Billy Idol, The Jam & many more.

IT IS GOING TO BE BANGING! And what’s more, it comes to you with the full, spooky backing of Lucas and Dustin …


Get your power grabs and headbands at the ready! LET’S GO!



Love Your Clothes Swap Shop – looking for volunteers

The wonderful folks at Green City Events are putting on another mega clothes swap at the end of October. They’re looking for volunteers to help out in the run up. Do you have a couple of hours you could spare? Want to meet some super lovely people and feel smug about doing your bit to keep down landfill?

Here’s how you can help!


Weds 5th October 6-7pm – Community meeting at Plasnewydd community centre to share ideas about the event and get locals involved. Clothes Swap Community Meeting event Facebook event

Mon 24th – Fri 28th October 5-7.30pm – Evening drop offs at the shipping container outside Plasnewydd community centre. Collect clothes and give out swap shop tokens.

Friday 28th October 4pm onwards – Afternoon/eve of setting up the event. This is usually lots of fun and we feed you pizza! Plus we let you pick a few items.

Saturday 29th October 9.30am-5pm– Main event at Plasnewydd Community centre. We don’t expect you to be able to stay all day but if you can that’s great!

They are also looking for people that have some clothes fixing skills, basic sewing and like a bit of upcycling to help out and run some drop in workshops on the day so let them know if you have any of those skills to share!

More information:

Green City website
Green City Facebook
@greencityevents Twitter


Cardiff’s Human Library

The Human Library is coming to Cardiff!

The Human Library is an international movement that promotes an inclusive way to challenge prejudice through social contact. Just like in a real library, a visitor to the Human Library can choose a Book from a range of titles. The difference is that Books are people, and reading is a conversation.

The Human Library Cardiff: Meeting 0.1
Location: Cardiff Central Library, The Hayes
Saturday, October 8, 2016
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Confused? Wanna know more? Check out the video …

Social contact is known to be among the best ways to challenge prejudice, and the Human Library enables it to flourish. The Human Library provides a safe environment for people to engage in conversation within a framework of respect, and with the permission to respectfully ask questions and share experiences. The dialogue that the Human Library facilitates has the potential to challenge prejudice, stigma and discrimination.

In practice, the Human Library celebrates the diversity and positive difference of our communities, raises awareness of many different reasons people may experience exclusion, and takes positive action to address some of the issues that can lead to bullying, abuse and hate crime. Book titles deliberately acknowledge and provoke the assumptions or common prejudices that we, or society may have, and Readers are empowered to choose from a broad range of titles, and challenged to engage with the people behind the labels during short and respectful conversation.

The Human Library was created for the 2000 Roskilde Music Festival by a group of Danish activists who formed in response to a violent hate crime. Their idea was to use the language and mechanism of a library to facilitate conversations that challenge prejudice, thereby reducing the risk of tension and violence. From a base in Copenhagen the creators and founders of the Human Library Organisation have helped the movement to grow steadily across the world, and it is currently active in over 60 countries. The movement is growing!

One more time now …

The Human Library Cardiff: Meeting 0.1
Location: Cardiff Central Library, The Hayes
Saturday, October 8, 2016
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

More information: The Human Library MeetUp page


Cycle path success!!

You may remember a while back we ran a very unscientific study on the worst cycle path in Cardiff.

Unfortunately, this was a hotly contested award (as anyone who has ever tried to cycle from one side of the city to the other can tell you), but we did come up with a winner:

Considering the compact size of the city and the traffic woes it suffers from (full gridlock around the centre in rush hour, morning and night) it seems incredible there isn’t more investment in the cycle network around the city.

So we did what we always do. Posted some stuff on Twitter, asked people their views, came up with the winner, engaged in a lengthy (seriously lengthy!) discussion.

Anyway, a Cardiff city councillor (Richard Cook, Cardiff County Councillor for Canton Ward) ended up getting involved in the chit chat … (people from other areas – anyone else wish their councillor was this proactive??)

And then last week, we were taken by surprise with a whole load of Twitter notifications one morning from cycling commuters: Fitzhammon Embankment was being resurfaced!!!

And just look at this baby now.

While we’re not sure whether it was us whining about it or whether it was due for resurfacing anyway (let’s face it, cycling along that stretch of path was like taking a road bike over Swiss cheese), it’s a victory for cyclists around the city!

Also of interest:

Cardiff by Bike: Cardiff’s Forthcoming Cycling Strategy, what we would like to see

Follow @CardiffByBike / Cardiff by Bike website for more cycle-specific Cardiff news.




Cardiff: City of the Unexpected …


Wales Millennium Centre and National Theatre Wales present … Roald Dahl’s City of the Unexpected! 17 and 18 September 2016

This September, take a trip to Roald Dahl’s City of the Unexpected for a once-in-a-lifetime experience…

Look out for unexpected happenings on the streets and buildings throughout the city…but don’t be fooled, not everything is what it seems!

Come on an adventure and discover unexpected spaces around the city while you sit back and enjoy extracts from Roald Dahl’s stories read by some familiar faces. Our unexpected readings in unexpected places will be announced in August, when tickets will also go on sale.

Don your pyjamas and join us for a fabulous, free family event at Coopers Field in Bute Park between 2-5pm. The Great Pyjama Picnic will bring together all the themes, stories, characters and cast of the weekend in a huge celebration of food, music and story. Bring your own Roald Dahl-inspired picnic, and you’ll be in with a chance to win a competition judged by Beca Lyne-Pirkis, presenter of S4C’s Becws and former contestant on BBC One’s Great British Bake Off! Beca will be keeping her eyes (and tastebuds) open for picnics in four categories:

  • Most Dahlian Picnic
  • Most Revolting Picnic
  • Most Beautiful Picnic
  • Most Unexpected Picnic

Start planning your Dahl-inspired picnic now!



The Welsh capital will become a place where reality is turned on its head, and where the laws of physics, logic and the predictable will give way to magic, fun, invention and the surreal, as if Roald Dahl himself is at the helm.

This epic weekend will involve a cast of thousands of performers from across the city and jaw-dropping spectacles. Immerse yourself in everything from large-scale events to intimate performances – all staged across Cardiff’s streets and public spaces, in shops and arcades, at iconic buildings and parks.

Born in Cardiff, one hundred years ago this September, Roald Dahl’s imagination has touched the most extraordinary number of people. It has been part of our childhood and our children’s childhood.

To mark his centenary and to give thanks for the legacy he created, this will be a totally surprising celebration of the man, his characters and his stories.

Produced by Wales Millennium Centre and National Theatre Wales, in association with The Roald Dahl Literary Estate, and led by a creative team from Wales and across the globe, Roald Dahl’s City of the Unexpected will be a world-class event worthy of a world-class writer.


Roald Dahl’s City of The Unexpected has many surprises in store for you, which you can find out about in our what’s on section. If you’ve got some extra time while you’re in Cardiff, you may want to explore Roald Dahl’s connection to Cardiff by visiting some of the city’s key landmarks. As well asRoald Dahl’s City of the Unexpected, you can also experience The Wondercrump World of Roald Dahl at Wales Millennium Centre, Quentin Blake: Inside Stories at National Museum Cardiff and Wonderman at the Tramshed (in association with Gagglebabble, National Theatre Wales and Wales Millennium Centre).


City of the Unexpected Facebook event

See also:

National Theatre of Wales
Wales Millennium Centre


Street Food Circus 2016 – two more weeks of delicious food to go

If you’ve been down to Sophia Gardens over recent weekends, chances are you would have seen the bright lights and smelled the incredible smells wafting over from the Street Food Circus. We went down there this weekend to celebrate @phoenixlily‘s birthday, and ended up hanging out in the sunshine stuffing our faces for five hours on Saturday.

You’ve got TWO MORE WEEKENDS to enjoy the Street Food Circus … and to entice you, this is what’s there …



As proprietor Simon told me, “this is not a place you come to count calories. This is not a place to come and think about tomorrow. This is a place to come and celebrate today.”

And spend £17 on Science Cream (oh hell yes, we did!).

Other things we very much enjoyed: Hangfire SmokeHouse ribs, Brother Thai’s vegan mushroom roti, Milgi’s peach and paneer kebabs.

By far the most oustanding food award (unofficial) from We Are Cardiff goes to Anand George’s tuk tuk: located in the Asian quarter (yes, there is one): the samosa chaat and Keralan chicken and chips were amongst the tastiest things we have ever eaten. Literally.

Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 02
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 03
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 04
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 05
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 06
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 07
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 08
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 09
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 10
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 11
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 12

If you haven’t tasted the delights of the Street Food Circus yet, you’ve got TWO MORE WEEKENDS to forget the calories and feast!

Street Food Circus: located in Sophia Gardens (next to the National Express Coach Station, follow the River Taff and look for the BigTop).

Open Friday – Sunday 16-18 and 23-25 September

Friday: 5pm – 11pm
Saturday: 2pm – 11pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

For more info visit www.streetfoodcircus.co.uk

Thanks to photojournalist Emily Jayne for the pictures in this article: Emily moved to Cardiff a couple of years ago, having studied photography five years ago at college, she took a few years out of education and completed a foundation course in Journalism and Media at Cardiff University last year. She considered carrying on with the full degree but found the BA Photojournalism course at USW which she decided to switch to instead, and hasn’t looked back. Keep up with Emily’s work here: Emily Jayne Photojournalist website.


The alt city guide to Cardiff

A couple of weeks ago, The Guardian posted this amazing city guide: The Guardian alt city guide to Cardiff

It is full of stuff we’ve featured on We Are Cardiff before, so we were bound to approve. Well done indeed!

While you’re browsing, there’s also a very nice Spotify playlist to go along with it, featuring some sweet local tunes …



harbour in Cardiff Bay