Street Food Circus 2016 – two more weeks of delicious food to go

If you’ve been down to Sophia Gardens over recent weekends, chances are you would have seen the bright lights and smelled the incredible smells wafting over from the Street Food Circus. We went down there this weekend to celebrate @phoenixlily‘s birthday, and ended up hanging out in the sunshine stuffing our faces for five hours on Saturday.

You’ve got TWO MORE WEEKENDS to enjoy the Street Food Circus … and to entice you, this is what’s there …



As proprietor Simon told me, “this is not a place you come to count calories. This is not a place to come and think about tomorrow. This is a place to come and celebrate today.”

And spend £17 on Science Cream (oh hell yes, we did!).

Other things we very much enjoyed: Hangfire SmokeHouse ribs, Brother Thai’s vegan mushroom roti, Milgi’s peach and paneer kebabs.

By far the most oustanding food award (unofficial) from We Are Cardiff goes to Anand George’s tuk tuk: located in the Asian quarter (yes, there is one): the samosa chaat and Keralan chicken and chips were amongst the tastiest things we have ever eaten. Literally.

Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 02
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 03
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 04
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 05
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 06
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 07
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 08
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 09
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 10
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 11
Street_Food_Circus_2016 - 12

If you haven’t tasted the delights of the Street Food Circus yet, you’ve got TWO MORE WEEKENDS to forget the calories and feast!

Street Food Circus: located in Sophia Gardens (next to the National Express Coach Station, follow the River Taff and look for the BigTop).

Open Friday – Sunday 16-18 and 23-25 September

Friday: 5pm – 11pm
Saturday: 2pm – 11pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

For more info visit

Thanks to photojournalist Emily Jayne for the pictures in this article: Emily moved to Cardiff a couple of years ago, having studied photography five years ago at college, she took a few years out of education and completed a foundation course in Journalism and Media at Cardiff University last year. She considered carrying on with the full degree but found the BA Photojournalism course at USW which she decided to switch to instead, and hasn’t looked back. Keep up with Emily’s work here: Emily Jayne Photojournalist website.


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