Cycle path success!!

You may remember a while back we ran a very unscientific study on the worst cycle path in Cardiff.

Unfortunately, this was a hotly contested award (as anyone who has ever tried to cycle from one side of the city to the other can tell you), but we did come up with a winner:

Considering the compact size of the city and the traffic woes it suffers from (full gridlock around the centre in rush hour, morning and night) it seems incredible there isn’t more investment in the cycle network around the city.

So we did what we always do. Posted some stuff on Twitter, asked people their views, came up with the winner, engaged in a lengthy (seriously lengthy!) discussion.

Anyway, a Cardiff city councillor (Richard Cook, Cardiff County Councillor for Canton Ward) ended up getting involved in the chit chat … (people from other areas – anyone else wish their councillor was this proactive??)

And then last week, we were taken by surprise with a whole load of Twitter notifications one morning from cycling commuters: Fitzhammon Embankment was being resurfaced!!!

And just look at this baby now.

While we’re not sure whether it was us whining about it or whether it was due for resurfacing anyway (let’s face it, cycling along that stretch of path was like taking a road bike over Swiss cheese), it’s a victory for cyclists around the city!

Also of interest:

Cardiff by Bike: Cardiff’s Forthcoming Cycling Strategy, what we would like to see

Follow @CardiffByBike / Cardiff by Bike website for more cycle-specific Cardiff news.




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