October’s Instagram takeover!

The photophiles amongst you will probably know we have an Instagram account, used for two things: regramming the best photos of Cardiff that we can find, and also occasionally farming out to Cardiffians for month-long takeovers.

In October, we have photographer Sam Padget doing the takeover. Sam has done some fabulous action-packed photo essays for us before (like this one on the P1 Superstock in the bay). He introduces himself below!


Sam Padget Samuel Bay Photography

I am a 30 year old freelance photographer and student currently based in Cardiff. My journey to this point has been quite complicated, but I discovered my passion for photography in northern Norway, where I lived for a year. Having held photo workshops, an exhibition and publishing a book, I headed back down south to broaden my photographic skill set with a BA in Photojournalism at the University of South Wales.

For me, Cardiff is the perfect city. It has it all, a combination of a strong photography scene, bustling night life and is ideally placed in proximity to nature and of course, the sea.

My day job, so to speak, is freelance sports photography with particular focus on unusual and winter sports, but I’m pursuing a career in documentary photography with strong interest in the co-existence of man and nature. This month you can expect a lot of street style photography, as well as candid portraiture. I also like to use techniques such as slow shutter and elevation to try and give a unique ‘look’ to my images.

My main interest is travel and I’m a bit of a foodie with a penchant for noodles. I’m fluent in Norwegian and currently learning Portuguese.

Samuel Bay Photography

We Are Cardiff Instagram


We Make Good Happen: help a closing foodbank

Okay, so we don’t often bother mentioning anything about Swansea on this blog (specifically not things like the Mumbles, the Gower, the fact they have the largest indoor market in Wales or that they’ve just been named top university in Wales). It’s not like we’re jealous or anything. Honestly.

However … sometimes it’s good to reach out and help your neighbours, so we’re featuring We Make Good Happen, a local pay-it-forwards-good-deeds type initiative set up by Matt and Andrea Callanan. They are trying to round up as many donations as they can to help the soon-to-close Eastside food bank in Swansea.

They will be driving to Swansea from Cardiff on Friday 7 October to take donations. If you’re in a position to donate anything, please have a look at the list of needed items below. There are a variety of ways you can get items to We Make Good Happen, also listed.

Rather than rewriting the whole thing, I’ll just copy and paste Matt’s initial plea, but for info this is being run by We Make Good Happen, not We Are Cardiff (though we are going to be donating, and if any of you can’t access any of the points below, let Matt or us know and we’ll try our best to arrange someone to pick stuff up from you).


Can you help me to a great thing? A #foodbank in #Swansea is on its last legs and needs donations urgently otherwise they will have to close. (feel free to share this post)

From one of the ladies that runs it:

“Really need more donations or we will end up closing. We are feeding more families than ever so the need is there but our donors seem to have abandoned us.”

I will be driving down from #Cardiff next week on Friday 7th October and it would be amazing if I can drive down with a car packed full of food for people that desperately need it. (I’ll sort a van if there’s enough stuff)

**UPDATE – 2 drop points in Cardiff Bay
+ Have now set up a box in my office reception so they are expecting people: Saint Line House, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5LR (oppSunflower&I )

or Inspire Me / Sing and Inspire InspireMe
Crichton House, 11-12 Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff CF10 5EE

For Roath email me: wemakegoodhappen@gmail.com

Also popped to supermarket and bought a few cans/things to get this thing kickstarted.

I will be going out to buy food but it would be great if other people can contribute (even if it’s a few cans) and really help families and people in need. Food is such a basic thing! So imagine being without it. Or kids being without food. Think of the good you will do.

If you want to get involved let me know here or email wemakegoodhappen@gmail.com

I’m happy for you to drop off at my house/ my office in Cardiff Bay or I can pickup from you

Food they need: (**Check food is in date & they do not need pasta**)

“Own brand & value things are perfectly acceptable. Clients who are hungry are pleased with anything.”

milk (dried or long life)
tinned meat (corned beef/ham/pork/braised beef/meatballs/hot dogs)
tinned fruit
tinned veg
Baked beans / spaghetti
Tinned or packet soup
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned or packet dried potatoes
Tinned carrots, peas, sweetcorn
Tea / coffee
Instant hot chocolate
Tuna / sardines
Savoury / sweet biscuits / part baked long life bread
Savoury and sweet spreads
Tinned rice pudding, tinned custard
Rice and pasta microwaveable meals.

“Many thanks in advance for help.”

This is We Make Good Happen by the way. Adorable, right??