Sŵn 2016 – send in your memories for the Music Museum!

It’s (nearly!) here – our annual city-wide music takeover, celebrating the best in new music: it’s Sŵn Festival time again, and this time, Sŵn is ten years old, and they want to hear all your memories from over the years!

The memories will be displayed in the Music Museum. The museum will be open across the weekend and Sŵn have invited music aficionados to bring in three objects or musical memories in advance that mean something to them; these will be on show when the museum opens on Thursday.

Festival goers are still encouraged to share their memories can do so either by social media, or coming into the museum over the weekend to be recorded and added to the digital exhibition. Get involved and share your memories of Sŵn now!


There are now two ways to donate:

1 – via  social media: tweet three images and stories to #SWNMM, or share on Facebook at the Sŵn Music Museum Facebook page.

2 – by bringing items and memories to the Museum to record over the Sŵn Festival weekend!


Friday 21st October (12-5pm)

Saturday 22nd (12-5pm)

Sunday 23rd (12-5pm)

The Sŵn Music Museum Facebook event

Location: Castle Arcade, Cardiff (more info)

The Museum is being built through the crowdsourcing of materials and the organisers are inviting music aficionados to bring along three objects in advance to be displayed during the Sŵn weekend. Virtual contributions can be made via social media or objects and stories can be taken to the museum and recorded on the spot. Students from the CU Archaeology and Conservation department will be on hand to offer advice on how to care for musical memorabilia. All the images and stories will be collected and displayed in the Sŵn Music Museum virtual gallery.

In other Sŵn news: S4C will also be filming an access-all-areas documentary of Sŵn this weekend, to air in December. It will feature interviews with artists, festival goers and organisers Huw Stephens and John Rostron. So make sure you’re wearing your lipstick and guyliner for when the cameras are rolling!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the line up, in eye-blistering full detail (open the image in a new tab and zoom in for Full Effect).


See you on the dance floor – front left by the speakers, yeah?



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