Help women in refuges this Christmas with Project Shoebox 2016

So we’re a bit late with this, but the awesome PROJECT SHOEBOX is BACK! Too much stuff in your bathroom cabinet? Project Shoebox is collecting shoeboxes filled with unwanted toiletries to make gift boxes for women in refuges in Cardiff and the South Wales area.


This is a community project, co-ordinated by the awesome Mali Taylor-Powell. The idea is  women organising themselves to help women on their own doorsteps. Of course boys can join in too 🙂 It’s an attempt to help the women who arrive at Women’s Refuges this Christmas. Many will arrive bruised, battered and with nothing more than the clothes they are standing in.

The first donations are in! Here’s Mali with the first donations!

Project Shoebox collects together unwanted toiletries like shampoo, body lotion, toothpaste and brushes into shoeboxes, and makes them into a gift to get these women started and remind them that people can and do care.

Anything from your bathroom cabinet that’s new or unused. Think basics like toothbrushes, shower gel, shampoo – but also anything nice like cosmetics or face cream is very welcome. This year we will only be accepting unused or new items. There’s a big list of ideas for inspiration further down!

We will be manning a donation station at the Cardiff University Students’ Union on Park Place, on the 4th floor Room 4E, from the 25th November – Saturday 3rd December.

Opening hours are: 5pm-7.30pm, Monday-Friday and also from 10am-4pm Saturday & Sunday

Please note: This is a voluntary project and I’m afraid there will be nobody to receive your donation outside of these hours**

The address is:
4th floor Room 4E, Cardiff University Students’ Union, Park Place, Cardiff CF10 3QN – again, please please come to donate within the above hours! 🙂

Saturday 3rd December so we can sort, box and deliver in time for Christmas.

You can choose to donate individual items or make your very own shoebox gift. Feel free to get creative but here are some ideas:
*New toothbrushes
*Shower Gel
*Facial wipes
*Hairbrushes/combs/bobbles/clips & grips
*Sanitary products (sealed)
*Sample packets
*Body Creams/Face creams
*Body scrub
*Make up/ Make up bags
*Nail polishes / Nail polish remover/ Files & Clippers
*Cotton wool

You can also choose to make, or donate things for, a baby box with things such as nappies, baby wipes, cotton buds, baby wash, small soft toys, etc.

Also – if you wrap the shoeboxes (fab!) please wrap the lid and base separately so that the box can be opened easily.

Happy shoebox making!

Big thanks to you from the Project Shoebox Crew and us here at We Are Cardiff

Project Shoebox 2016 – Facebook event


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