Cardiff’s Free For All Festival 2017! The Moon / Full Moon, 5 – 31 January

Is it over? Has it finally finished? Has someone finally dragged 2016’s lifeless body out to the garden and buried it under a mountain of Leicester City and Nigel Farage memorabilia? Great, well let’s all collectively repress our memories of 2016 together with Free For All Festival running from 5 January to 31 January at The Moon Club + The Full Moon. They have kindly put on a month of free events – so don’t worry if your pockets are empty like the rest of us – with bands and artists of varying descriptions, so give your eardrums a treat and pop down to The Moon Club + The Full Moon and support these artists.

The event runs from 5 – 31 January, so if you’re gagging for an all-dayer or fancy checking out some local talent see the array of events on below.


Tuesday 10 January, 8PM
Downstairs: 6foot7 + Paul Divers & support 8pm

Thursday 12 January, 8PM
Upstairs: Electrick Haze (EP launch) + KINGSON + Plasterscene + Lon Chaney 5 8pm
Thursday 12 January Facebook event

Friday 13 January, 7PM-10PM, 8PM-late
Upstairs: Electronic Music Wales showcase feat. Skeleton House & support 7pm-10pm
The Black Hole Of Womanby St feat. Samurai Cop + DJs til late
Downstairs: Monsterometer + Godbomber 8pm
Friday 13 January Facebook event

Saturday 14 January, 5PM + 8PM
Upstairs: Maddie Jones – Band + Lilygreen’s Sky Machine + Instructions + Tobias Robertson + Charlie Says 5pm
Downstairs: Mike Dennis + AcouMetal & support 8pm

Sunday 15 January, 7PM-10PM + 6PM

Upstairs: Staylittle Music presents Beth Goudie + Joe Bayliss + Matthew Frederick 7pm-10pm
Follow the event on Facebook
Downstairs: Timeless Promotions + Beast PR + HOPE not hate + Decidedly Records present Gareth Bonello (The Gentle Good) + Vinna Bee +Francesca’s Word Salad + Adwaith 6pm
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Tuesday 17 January, 7PM

Downstairs: Fountainhead + Naomi Rae (single launch) + Harri Davies Music + Dusty Cut 7pm
Follow the event on Facebook. 

Wednesday 18 January, 7PM

Upstairs: Pilgrim + Fireroad + Twisted Illusion + Stone Theory 7pm
Follow the event on Facebook. 

Thursday 19 January, 7:30PM

Upstairs: Radioactivity electronic night 7.30pm feat Conformist / Music live + Sound Affects PR DJs

Follow the event on Facebook. 

Downstairs: PJNB presents Young Black Americans + Heavy on the Ride + Jimmy Watkins (The Vega Bodegas) 7.30pm

Follow the event on Facebook.

Friday 20 January, 8PM + 10:15PM

Upstairs: We’re No Heroes + Tarsiers + Saccharyn & support 8pm

Downstairs: Mumbleman 10.15pm

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Saturday 21 January, 2PM + 9PM

Upstairs: 8 O’clock Spot Alldayer feat: VAN-illa + Nuclear Lullaby + Soviets+ Handsome Ape + Boris a Bono + Silent Forum + Fingertrap + Rainbow Maniac + Grand Tradition 2pm

Downstairs: Run Logan Run 9pm

Follow the event on Facebook. 

Sunday 22 January, 2PM
Upstairs: RecRock Youth Music Project showcase 2pm (Ages 14+)
Downstairs: Pi & Hash Music alldayer feat:
Them By There + The Sam-Antonio Freeway + Thee Manatees + Siblings Of Us + Charlie Says + Canada Road & support. 2pm-11.30pm

Wednesday 25 January, 8PM
Upstairs: Project + Beatbox Hann + Turna Phrase & support. 8pm

Thursday 26 January, 7:30PM

Upstairs: Aeddan – Music + Ofelia + Eädyth 7.30pm

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Friday 27 January, 7:30PM-10:30 PM + 9PM 

Upstairs: Bubblewrap Collective stage feat. MY NAME IS IAN + Ivan Moult Music Band & more TBA 7.30pm-10.30pm

Downstairs: Happy Fun Time Game Band + Nightmares from the Discotheque 9pm

Follow the event on Facebook.

Saturday 28 January, 4PM

2-floor alldayer! Tibet + Junior Bill + The Chalk Outlines + M I L K + Shop Girls + Them Dead Beats + Nevsky Perspective (solo – performing the works of Britney Spears) + Thom Bentley & more TBA. 4pm

Follow the 2-floor alldayer on Facebook. 

Sunday 29 January, 2PM
Forté Project // Prosiect Forté showcase – 2 floors! 2pm (Ages 14+)
Showcasing the 10 acts announced as part of the Forté Project scheme.

Monday 30 January, 8PM
Upstairs: CitySound Publications – magazine launch night feat. CHROMA & support 8pm
Downstairs: Anonymous Iconoclasts + Capra Mamei & support 8pm

Tuesday 31 January, 7:30PM + 8:00PM 

Upstairs: LUCKYMAN RECORDS closing party! 8pm
LUCKYMAN RECORDS closing party on Facebook
Downstairs: Amy Grindhouse + Twisted Ankle + Heil Zilla + HODAD 7.30pm
Amy Grindhouse, Twisted Ankle, Heil Zilla and HODAD on Facebook

That’s all the free music and events you can partake in at The Full Moon + Moon Club this month, so be sure to get on down there and support your local scene. Even when your pockets are empty and the January cold bites a little harder than you remember, there’s still a way to support your local scene and – most importantly – your city. Be sure to check out some of these events as they are putting a lot into Cardiff, so it’s only fair for us to give back.

Oh, and have a fun, crazy, challenging and memorable 2017.



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