Niamh Doyle’s adventures in radioland: Capital South Wales’ Next Generation Scheme

This is the next instalment from Atrium student Niamh Doyle, in her journey into radioland. Today she tells us about the Capital South Wales’ Next Generation Scheme!

I was very fortunate to be invited to be part of Capital FM South Wales’ Next Generation scheme. I found about this event through a fantastic Radio University lecturer at my University, the University of South Wales, where I was able to meet the presenters of Capital South Wales’ breakfast show, explore the office, and learn their great history.

On the day I was offered a place on the tour, I had no idea that on the actual day I would meeting the voices behind South Wales’ favourite breakfast radio presenters. Once I settled in and sat amongst Matt, Polly and Geraint, in between songs and them presenting on air, I was fortunate enough to get to know them and ask questions about how they became radio presenters, and so on.

It was lovely learning each of their different paths to how they got to Capital, which I found so encouraging since although I want to go into breakfast radio presenting, I haven’t actually got a degree in media, but am soon going to be graduating with a Music degree. Therefore, it’s so promising to hear that it’s not only about what degree you have, but also how much work experience you have done in order to make you more and more familiar with radio.

It was fascinating to see how well the presenters bounced off each other and how genuine their friendship was off air as much as it was on. I felt so comfortable in the presenter’s chair, and it really made me realise how desperate I am to become a breakfast radio presenter myself.

After the breakfast show, I was shown around the upstairs office where I met the many different areas that goes on behind the presenting. This included the commercial team, the marketing team and many more that make Capital South Wales possible. It was such a warm atmosphere where you could really see how well everyone got on and thoroughly enjoyed what they were doing.

After a full morning, I was taken into the studio again where I was informed on the history behind Capital South Wales, which was absolutely fascinating.

Over all, my Next Generation day was genuinely one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever been invited on. I was able to see what a day in the life of a breakfast radio presenter is like, how early you have to get up, but yet really how rewarding that early start is, and how much fun you have in the process. I was sceptical whether seeing the backgrounds behind radio presenting would scare me away, but if anything, it only made me hungrier for the profession.



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