Fabulous Beyond – a new Cardiff podcast

Looking for something a bit different to listen to? We recommend a new Cardiff-based podcast from local boylesque star, Ernie Sparkles!

Fabulous Beyond is a new fortnightly chat show podcast by Ernie Sparkles. Each episode features a different guest in conversation with Ernie as they discuss the concept of Fabulous and what the word means to them.

The project was launched in June with the aim to compile and document research by Ernie. “I have been fascinated with the concept of Fabulousness for a number of years, since finding out someone had referred to me as Fabulous,” he says. “It made me question – What does fabulous even mean?! I figured capturing discussions with different people might help me to find the answers. I figured these conversations would actually make quite interesting podcasts! The conversations so far have been really interesting – we’ve talked about identity, gender, LGBTQ issues, Queer culture, the royal family, mental health and Drag Queens!”

The podcast ‘Fabulous Beyond’ is available for download on iTunes or direct from the Fabulous Beyond website. Please listen in, review, subscribe and share the word and help to get Fabulous Beyond beyond fabulous! Check us out at @fabulousbeyond

Ernie Sparkles is a costume designer and cabaret performer/producer based in Cardiff.  Find him on Ernie Sparkles Facebook or Twitter @Ernie_Sparkles

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