Info for Cardiff Freshers (and newcomers to the city!)

Hey there!

We often get asked for info guides etc for Freshers and other people new to the city, so we’ve gathered everything together in one handy post for you.

Our little guide to Cardiff

Download the Little Guide to Cardiff (right click the link and save as: PDF, 11MG)
Looking for things to do?
Our lady with her ear to the ground is Joy. Befriend her on Facebook and have a look at the events she’s attending. She is literally going to EVERYTHING.
Other posts and info on the site to check out:

Also don’t forget, you can follow We Are Cardiff in any of the following places, to get your fill of stories, pictures, alternative news and good stuff from the city!

Welcome all you newbies! This is what you’ve got to look forward to in this fabulous city … (some of our fav pics from this year)




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