Letters from Cardiff in lockdown: Steve Austins

Today’s instalment for the Letters from Cardiff in lockdown series comes from Steve Austins, co-founder and director of Bengo Media. We’re looking for your stories, so please contribute to Letters from Cardiff in lockdown

We run Bengo Media from home anyway, so the work situation hasn’t changed a huge amount – although my use of video calls has skyrocketed. Thankfully the month has been busy and we’ve even picked up some new clients. The biggest challenge has been the need to record all our podcasts remotely and we’ve now created a series of new products to help clients record from home. All of this with a new baby in the house!

The hardest thing about the lockdown is not being near our mums. Both live on their own, outside of Cardiff. They do have friends looking after their shopping etc, but the thought of how lonely this must be for them is heartbreaking. And, of course, neither of them will be able to meet little Jessie for a while either.

We are doing regular video calls with the family on WhatsApp. Teaching our mums how was the second hardest thing about the lockdown BUT it was so worth the effort.

I miss the little things most. Falling short of my Parkrun PB by miles; catching up with friends and talking about nothing in particular; going to the corner shop to pick up something my waistline won’t thank me for. Oh, and I miss coffee shops.

However, we’re blessed to have such great neighbours. We’ve had shopping done for us, meals delivered to our door and a birthday cake baked for Marina. Ours is one of the smallest streets in Grangetown and this crisis has brought us closer together as a street. Long may that continue.

All in all, I’m a fairly happy homebird – learning how to be a family of three has been an amazing experience. And, when she’s old enough. I can’t wait to tell Jessie all about being a lockdown baby

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